Phonak introduces Marvel platform and Audéo M hearing aids



We’re doing some live videos over at the annual convention of the Academy of Doctors of Audiology. Here’s Dr Cliff’s interview with Phonak:

Edit: Captions are on the way.


I am currently trying the B90s so and I’m interested in the Marvels. Can anyone coment as to whether or not I would be in the fitting range for the ones that come out in November. Would the tcoil option come out in November or would I have to wait till February?



If I remember correctly, tcoils in February. I’m thinking your SP is a BTE and not a RIC? I think the Marvel will initially just be RIC. I’d guess they’d eventually make BTEs. I wouldn’t hold my breath.


where is point 5 that marvel can stream directly from roger direct without receiver attached additionally? is true?


I remember hearing or reading that Roger Receivers (or equivalent ability) were built in so no need to purchase.


See the Availability section near the bottom.

See the RogerDirect section scroll down near the bottom.

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Thanks! Yes they are BTE.


Thanks, are they all RIC’s?


This is the Comments section at the very bottom:

Member16 October 2018

I have a profound hearing loss, will these work for me? I currently use Naida Q30.

Abram Bailey16 October 2018 Replied to Member

Power aid is on the way later, from what I understand.


What would be a ballpark price for a set of Marvels?


Hello Blue,

Long time no see. I imagine around the $6,200-$6400 range. I ordered a pair of Evoke Fusion2 440s yesterday and that’s what they were. Private clinic. I don’t see the Marvel being cheaper.


Hey Mark, I recall we both got our first aids at about the same time. Seems we’ve both come back at the same time looking for advice on our upgrades. I tried to stay active here, but have been working major overtime for the last year and a half. But I had to come back here and post a whole bunch of questions as I try to decide what the next solution will be.

Thanks for the info. My audi sent me an email recommending these, but I’m thinking they’re out of my price range.


They will be available at lower tech levels.


Hey Blue I’ve been back only a couple of weeks and looking for feedback on the latest tech. Everything but the OPN1 is so new there isn’t a lot of experienced info available. I know I’m fortunate to have insurance. You might check the Evoke as they have several levels. And I think they have in the ear models though I might be wrong about the ite.


They do have them.


They look like really nice aids, and if they live up to their claims about music processing I can see why you chose them. I’d like to hear what you think of your first symphony visit after getting these.
But it would appear that there is no support for Android phone call streaming, which I find odd.
Right now my audi is recommending the Marvel or the OPN. I’m waiting to hear back from him on pricing. I’m leaning toward the Marvel, but cautiously. I understand a lot of people don’t like Phonak’s sound.


Keeping my fingers crossed…


They do stream to Android with the attachment but not directly. EVERYBODY is going to have to catch up to Phonak now. FYI my audiologist admits that Widex has a better sound for music. But based on her experience with patients and their satisfaction levels she prefers Phonak. Far less adjusting and complaints about difficulty for hearing speech. It just takes longer to normalize the sound which, in her words, is very sharp and tinny in comparison to others. But it is that aspect along with, according to her, better feedback control that makes Phonak superior in the upper registers which is extremely important for vowel recognition. Since the Marvel is not out right now she suggested I try the Evoke making sure I take full advantage of personalization aspects of the aid. She wants some first hand feed back on how well it works. After the 30 days if I’m not happy we’ll try the Marvels.


Com-Dex. I had seen in a Google Play review where someone claimed there was no streaming for phone calls and was trying hard to prove that wrong. Funny, browsing on my phone I couldn’t find it. Once I got on the desktop I found it in seconds.

That’s very interesting…

Not out right now? My audi was wanting me to make a decision so he could get them in before my appointment next Wednesday. Maybe he’s mistaken? I don’t see anything on the Phonak website about availability.


Found it here.

“The Audéo M will be available end of November 2018 in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and USA. The new hearing aids are also RogerDirect™ ready, meaning they can receive signals from Roger™ microphones directly and without attaching a separate receiver in the future for better understanding in noise and over distance. RogerDirect functionality will be available as a firmware upgrade in fall 2019.”

Edit: which, of course, was in the original post starting this thread. :roll_eyes: