Phonak introduces Marvel platform and Audéo M hearing aids



EXACTLY! I have to “forget” the hearing aids on the devices and then start all over.


Still need the OS paired first. Follow dbmtx direction the remote app pairs and works, but no primary connection for streaming at OS. Have tried to then pair OS bluetooth (right HA) does not work. So for now just using the HA’s with out the remote with AutoSense OS 3.0 don’t find as much need for the remote app… volume is easy via the buttons


Of course you have to be paired via the operating system. This is to assure a clean connection utilizing the Phonak app that manipulates the HA firmware.


I will tomorrow. Right now I feel like I’ve beat the dead horse as much as I’d like to :grinning:

So perhaps the iphone10 (not s) is the phone to have. Does anyone have an iPhone 10 (x) that switches back and forth without issue? If so, which iPad do you have?


Got my Phonak Audeo Marvels on Dec 26th and they are superb. I’m blown away with how good streaming audio is using Google Play music on my Pixel 3 XL. I got Sony WH-1000XM3 headphones for Christmas and returned them as my Marvels have superior sound. Bluetooth is working perfectly and I couldn’t be more pleased. Phone calls are working perfectly with my Pixel 3 XL. I had Real Ear Measurements done and all is good. I’m hearing things I haven’t heard in decades!


YES! Phonak Audeo Marvels rechargeable are great stand alone, love the AutoSense OS 3.0 and not needing more programs…

for the remote app

  • So far the iPhone XR is 100% once paired/connected, switching back takes time.
  • Pixel 3 XL is 100% once paired/connected, but keep getting spinning wheel on R aid
    on trying to adjust
  • iPhone XS mic issues
  • iPad Pro 11" again time to get paired/connected, streaming YouTube, Prime Music is great !


Totally agree!! The only thing I wish the Marvels could do as well as my Bose Q35 headphones is the noise cancelling. The quality of the stereo streaming from my iPhone is outstanding but even when I use the bottom adjustment in the app to increase the volume and decrease the microphones I can still hear some outside noise if it is loud enough and close enough. In fairness that is also the case sometimes with the Bose.


You can mute the HA mics with a long press on the down toggle if the option is set up. Try that and see if it takes out more mic noise than the app.


I don’t think I have that option set up. A short push changes from AutoSense 3.0 to the next program. A long push turns off the aid. I have an appointment in about two weeks so I will see if she can add that option for me. I appreciate the suggestion.


long press toggle for muting HA mic but this functionality should be set up by audi first


Thanks for keeping me updated.
Today Apple released iOS 12.1.3 beta 4, there are news?


I just tested iOS 12.1.3 Public Beta 4 and the iPhone XS Classic Bluetooth issue (bug) was not corrected.


Please stop saying this wrong information again and again. Please just don’t assume if you have not verified. I think I have already replied to you before. Who are these others who said this? You are keeping on misguiding.


I included links to the posts of people who have done it. Did you read those?


Yes sir, I had already replied to the second one when he posted, that he is wrong. The first link that you gave is basically doing the same thing what we are doing - repairing. How does the first link supports what you are saying?.
He is turning off device/bt, then restarting ha and then pairing with new device. If it’s just connecting then he shouldn’t have been restarting ha. Also the message from the device also says pairing I believe. But anyway it doesn’t matter - Pairing or connecting. If you have to restart the ha then there is no benefit of connecting than pairing. I have not been to anything which needs to be restarted for connecting after pairing. When you restart you will have few minutes which is for pairing and not connecting.


I’m trying to get at the real truth. Some have said that the phones can stay paired and the connections stopped and started. If someone is not forgetting the device on the phone and putting the phone in pairing mode, turning off and on the hearing aid would not cause re-pairing.

It seems to work in the normal Bluetooth manner for some people, that is, pair once and connect or disconnect as needed from the Bluetooth control screen. Others don’t seem to be getting those same results but I don’t yet have a good feeling for why that is. It seems to be some iPhones that are not getting the “normal” results so is there something different about the Bluetooth operation for those phones or is there something else at play?


Hi everyone. I’m about to start my trial on the new Marvels in a few hours. Hopefully I can shed some light on the Bluetooth questions as well. I’m an Android guy and technology nerd and planning to put these things through the ringer before committing to the change. I’ll start a new thread for my intro/details/experience, but will hopefully be able to continue to learn from this thread and contribute in the future.


The real truth? Honestly, many of us have reported here that re-pairing is necessary with the devices that we have. I have even contacted Phonak Bluetooth and personally spoke with them… twice.

The real truth is that re-pairing (and forgetting the device) is necessary for many Apple users. Confirmed by the company itself and by people who own and use Marvel hearing Aids.

Please don’t say that we are incorrect based on a couple of posts in a 600 post thread. Many of us have to do that right now. We don’t like it or want it. I saw you posted on another thread about Marvel BT that the user is wrong and re-pairing each time isn’t necessary. Yet you don’t use Marvels. Please reconsider giving incorrect information. It wastes our time, energy, and creates false hopes.

I’m holding out that Phonak and Apple can work out the issues, but misinformation is a drain…


And some have reported that it is not necessary for their devices.

I’m curious why it seems to work normally (for bluetooth) for some but not for others.

If we can crack that it may improve the functionality for everyone.


Welcome to Marvels. Looking forward to hearing your experiences; mine thus far very positive. I have an iPhone 7Plus but I have not tried to pair the Marvels with any of my other devices. I haven’t really had the need although it would be nice to use them with my Apple MacBook Pro laptop. I decided since everything with my phone and the app is working so well, I will forego any additional pairings until this bluetooth issue for iPhones gets resolved.