Phonak introduces Marvel platform and Audéo M hearing aids



If you have time and are reasonably happy with your current hearing aids I agree waiting a few months is probably a good idea. I finally decided to move forward and get a pair of hearing aids after many years of resisting my wife and other’s suggestions. For myself I don’t have a problem and actually prefer going with the latest technology, recognizing there will most likely be some bugs along the way that will have to be corrected with firmware or software updates in the future. The Marvel bluetooth connectivity complexities mentioned in this forum are really not a significant problem for me as my iPhone and apple watch continue to function just fine and my Marvels remain connected to my iPhone with no problems for me. Also, the promise for next Fall of the Roger Direct connectivity with the Marvels already built in I find very attractive.


Hi all, I am new to this forum so please forgive if I have overseen something. I have the Marvels for 2 weeks now. Their sound is good. Before them, I had the Audeo B Direct. Interesting is that the Audeo B direct could connect to different phones simultaneously. I use a private and company phone in parallel. This worked fine, but I wanted to hear phone calls on both ears. So I switched to the Marvels and now I have also the annoying BT issue, that I cannot connect to different devices without re-pairing. My hope is that there will be an improvement at least for phone call connection.


The answer is “YES” : :grin:


Happy New Year!! Had a fantastic experience last night. We attended a “Motown” concert at the Granada Theatre in downtown Santa Barbara. It was the Santa Barbara Symphony with a special rhythm section added and three outstanding singers. We had front row seats stage right immediately in front of one set of large speakers. I just started wearing hearing aids 3 weeks ago and in the past I would have had to leave the concert. My hearing loss is primarily in the higher frequencies and substantially worse in my right ear. Anyway, in the past I hated going to concerts and I wore ear plugs or rolled up tissues and still left with a headache. Now the Marvels balance out my hearing perfectly. I did turn them down to -5 but I had no problems at all and I was able to hear all the various instruments clearly and the singers as well. We were only about 10 feet from the speakers and it was loud but okay. Thank you Phonak Marvels!!


This isn’t correct. These HAs have mics in them.


What issue are you talking about?


I don’t have the Phonak Marvel’s but am following this thread because I may be in the market to replace my Oticon OPN as im not completely happy with the. In particular the quality of music isn’t to my liking.

One comment I’ll make is about the discussion about HAs paired to multiple devices. This is one benefit of iOS and MFi (Made for iPhone) compatible HAs. When you have them paired to one of your iOS devices, you can have them switch automatically to the device your using. It’s great to have my Oticons (which are MFi) switch between my phone and iPad easily.

This doesn’t address connecting arbitrarily to other Bluetooth source devices (eg my
MacBook) but personally I don’t need to do this and don’t care about it. It’s all about my iPhone and iPads.

Obviously my comment doesn’t help those with android but wanted to chime in, in case the clarification on MFi benefits weren’t totally clear.


I have written extensively about the issue between iPhone XS and XS Plus and the Marvel platform. About 20 seconds into a call, the HA’s mics drop out. Everything else works brilliantly.


One very glaring omission in the MFi architecture is that it does not support hands-free calling. You speak through the iPhone. This is a major reason why I switched from the Widex BEYOND to Phonak Marvel.


How long do the battery operated devices work?


with or without Bluetooth support?
The Naída Belong apparently don’t have Bluetooth support.


Did you manage to test it already?
How would you compare the Quattro vs. the Marvel (apart for the Bluetooth thing)


Looking like my back ordered Marvel’s / TV streamer will ship today and Friday have appointment for first fit. will update as the trial goes. I have a Pixel 3 XL, Iphone Xs and Ipad pro and will test the switching between.

Also waiting on a remake (longer/deeper in ear) of custom shell’s on the Quantro’s trial


Fyi when Re-pairing, I’m only needing to turn off and on my right HA.


Look’s like the default in the Target 6 for the Marvel bluetooth is the
right HA as connection point, the AUD can select Left if that is your preference.


It’s not exactly obviously why one would choose to change sides (it doesn’t seem to be documented).


My thought is that if your right aid has higher amplification than the left, then it’s already probably using more battery. It seems to make sense that whichever aid is connecting to the phone would use more battery. So you would want the aid with lower amplification to connect to your phone.


One reason given by Phonak to choose right (at least here in North America) is that when one is driving the right ear is farther away from the window and any traffic noise. . .


one of the biggest advantages of MFi is that it’s Driven by Apple. I have more faith that Apple will advance the protocol, with HA manufacturers following suit than any individual HA manufacturer doing it on their own.


Good luck with MFi. BTW, Phonak is using classic Bluetooth so no new protocol is being used. The problem I’m having with my XS lands squarely on Apple since every other iPhone works brilliantly with the Marvels.