Phonak introduces Marvel platform and Audéo M hearing aids



What model of iPhone do you have?


I think that you previously wrote that you found for direct listening with the Quattro’s that bass was OK but you disliked the amount of bass available to you when streaming. In playing around with the ReSound Smart Fit 1.3 software and simulating an AutoFit to a person with my audiogram, I notice that there is an option to specifically increase the amount of bass while streaming from PHONE accessories. The autofit setting I’m given by default with the software is just a mild bass boost but I can specifically crank up the bass to the Quattro’s to two higher levels, MODERATE, and STRONG. There is a similar separate option to specifically boost bass when streaming from a TV streamer. So it would be interesting to know if you were fit only at NO or only a MILD bass boost for streaming from the Quattro’s or whether your audi for the Quattro’s knew about the bass boost option for streaming and had tried the MODERATE or STRONG boost options for you. The settings in the software say the option to relatively boost the bass will be applied to whatever app program that you use to stream. Would also be interesting to know if similar options exist for other HA brands to selectively add bass to streaming above and beyond the direct hearing settings. If so, anyone who wants more bass from their HA’s while streaming could prospectively just ask their audi to crank up the relative amount of bass specifically applied to streaming. Not sure how this differs from the frequency range and volume that you can add to a program from the ReSound Smart 3D app. You don’t show your audiogram in your avatar but there is an additional option in ReSound software for people with severe to profound hearing loss called LOW FREQUENCY BOOST, to add gain above and beyond what is prescribed by the fitting to low frequencies. The software says the applying this option can lead to an increase in loudness, audibility, and fullness of low frequencies as people with severe to profound hearing loss often find just the amount of bass prescribed by the fitting to be lacking. Don’t know if you fall in this hearing loss category and/or went to the same audi for both Marvel and Quattro fittings but perhaps part of the difference, as for all brand comparisons, could be how expert the audi(s) were with fitting each HA brand and what settings they actually chose in the software. (that’s why I’m interested in the fitting software for my HA’s - to see if the audi has max’d out on everything that could be done for my hearing and the devices that I’m using).


Occasionally some bluetooth device (such as the gigaset), to reconnect with the marvels, asks me to enter a pin code of the Marvels. What is the pin code ?? I tried with “0000” and “1234” but they don’t work.


When talking on the phone via HAs how is the microphone used? Is it hands free, speaking through your aids?


I have OPN1s and I have to use the mic on the iPhone, or the mic in the connect clip


I do similar but I want to know the new Marvel’s phone functions without a streamer.


In reading the aids you are talking about are the same


And this is why I like the Evokes. There is an equalizer in the app to boost low mid and upper frequencies; I can control the left and right volume individually; I can adjust the amount of outside sound when streaming. I can tune the aid to fit the type of music I’m listening to and save the program. I have several that I use presently. For example in one that I use for classical I have bass and upper frequencies boosted, the mid range flat with no boost at all and the volume on the left side is reduced to mitigate the distortion I get in my screwed up left ear.


Same in the ReSound Smart 3D app. What I don’t get yet is the big picture of how the equalizer adjustments the user is able to make are supposed to play out relative to those the audi can make using the ReSound fitting program. Perhaps the audi can better set the default baseline for various listening and device streaming scenarios and has more allowance for extreme settings whereas perhaps the ReSound listener is more constrained. The ReSound user app only allows +/- 12 dB level changes for the various tone ranges - is it better for the Evokes? Another thing that I don’t like about the ReSound app is that if you have created a Favorite, you can’t clone it, AFAIK, but if you want something similar, just tweaked slightly different, you have to start over with creating a new, different favorite from the core program from which it was originally derived. Can one clone a FAVORITE or a custom user program for the Evokes and just to get back on topic (:blush:), how do the Marvels stand with user customizations? - can a Marvel user create a derived Favorite, then further clone it to modify it in a slightly different way? - sorry if this topic is already covered for the Marvels further up in the thread!


It is hands free. Think of the experience as if you had ear pods in with a mic embedded in the cord.


The mods you can make are limited by the maximum boost allowed in your prescription settings. (I think)
With the Evoke you can modify an existing favorite and save the changes to that favorite or save it as a new favorite keeping the existing. You don’t have to start over.
There is also the SoundSense learn feature where the program offers repeated A / B choices and a multi-level rating for each choice controlled by a slider that takes you from no difference to much better.


All I remember is my Audi did a streaming bass boost in my fitting. Then from my app, like I said previously, I would up the mid and low level tones as high as possible. That helped, but it still didn’t sound as full and clear as my old Phonak streaming with the com pilot air. I had screeching and distortion.

I think it sounds like you are happy with your Quattro sound, and that is great. I have different experience, but am not technical enough, and nor do I care enough to try to figure out more.


The microphones in the hearing aids pick up my voice and I haven’t had complaints from people on the other end.


Iphone 7 Plus. Thought about upgrading but so far not overly impressed with the newer iphones Probably will upgrade sometime next year.


The Marvels are totally hands free for phone calls. The phone just needs to be within about 30 feet (in my case it is either in my pocket or in my golf bag). Calls come in, I screen them on my watch just to make sure I want to answer, then I just touch the toggle on one of the HA’s and the call comes through to both ears loud and clear. Caller has had no problem hearing me clearly even with a noisy background.


Good. Maybe by then Phonak will have fixed the issue between the iPhone XS and XS Max and the Marvels.


Since my insurance provider now recommends Phonak over Widex it won’t be a bad second choice for the Marvels. It
will be a fight to keep the seemingly more expensive Evokes.

I hope the pairing bugs are sorted soon…


I found my audiologist through Hearing Tracker. She is the most highly rated in my area. She personally has the Widex Evokes and she told me all her clients that have the Widex love them and wouldn’t change. She has been fitting the Marvels for the past month and can’t keep them in stock. She also carries the Resound Quattros and told me most of her clients that have them like them also, but she has switched one person out of the Quattros and into the Marvels because of the music streaming on the Marvels and also the phone call quality. Mine are set to my prescription with no bass boosting and they are very good.


@SaratogaLefty Which goes to show you that when you get an expert audiologist that knows what they’re doing they can fit any of the top of the line aids and make thier clients happy.


OK, good. Sounds somewhat normal then, paired to multiple, and can connect to the one you want (or, more correctly, the one you want can connect to the Marvels).

I love the no-device connection thing, but like the iPhone connectivity, still too many restrictions. Maybe when the Roger Pen is supported. For now I will stay with my current Phonaks and my Compilot 2 and connect to everything at once. I have to have multiple devices connected.

I’m thinking someone, maybe Resound, will come out with hearing aids like the Phonak Marvels but supporting multiple device connections, and I will have a decision to make.