Phonak introduces Marvel platform and Audéo M hearing aids



I don’t have a “Bluetooth Streaming” program, just “Autosense.” If I’m streaming music and start the Phonak Remote app, it can’t connect to the aids.


Expect to take about a month to get used to this. I’m a little bit surprised your audi went full volume right out of the gate. Most make gentle volume increases over several appointments. All of those harsh annoying noises will virtually vanish in time.


Turns them off (Rechargeable).


Oh ok there is an off. So if you set something to something other than auto, when turning it off, does it come back to what you last set something to?


You got a very good price. The third audiologist I visited (Connect Hearing) quoted me $6600. My final/best audiologist quoted $6780 but she had a December special offer of $400 off any premium hearing aids so that reduced the price to $6380. Additionally she threw in the Combi Pack which includes an additional Charger Case Combi (now I have two); the Mini Charger Case; and the Phonak Power Pack (stores seven additional charges and fits on the bottom of the Charger Case Combi).


Thanks. I appreciate your comments and they are consistent with what my Audiologist told me and others (Warneral) have shared. Like Dr. Cliff Olson my audiologist believes in setting the aids right up to the maximum and they letting me make the decision to reduce the amplification using the remote app as I deem appropriate. So far I’ve been using them at or near the -3 setting.

This evening we attended a Willy Nelson concert in a very large concert hall. For a number of years I have attended concerts grudgingly because I always found the sound way too loud and I would stuff my ears with rolled up paper and still get a headache. Tonight was a very pleasant experience. Yes it was extremely loud but I set the aids to minus 4 and tried the Music Program and it was good. Surprisingly my wife who never has had any problem at a concert had to roll up paper and stuff into her ears because it was too loud for her. What a change!!


I have not had that problem. It is not a bluetooth streaming program. I just start streaming my music and then when I go to the Remote App I see the little box at the bottom and if I click on it the Balance shows up with Surrounding on the Left and Audio on the right just like the image Warneral posted.


For “Standard” and “Streaming” on the sheet a Long Press (a couple of seconds) creates a Program Change. On a Phone Call a Long Press (a couple of seconds) “Rejects/Ends” the call. As Warneral indicated a longer press about 4 seconds turns the aid off (Light turns solid Red).


My limited experience thus far shutting down the aids to take a shower for instance is that when I turn them back on they go back to the setting the Audiologist set up. So back to neutral (zero) on the Remote App volume. Then I have to reset the volume to my current preference which is either -2 or -3 for now while I’m adjusting to them.


There’s a lot of variables involved. Most notably the technology level. Mine are M50, 312 battery. Sounds like you got rechargables, and I noticed the word “premium” in your post.


Ok that does explain the price difference and most likely also the “Surrounding/Audio” adjustment during Streaming. I have the M90 aids.


Thank you for all the great information dbmtx.
Testing Marvel (formerly Starkey Halo) and like the new marvels but I am much to dependent on the iPhone interaction to move over to marvel. As an FYI…the marvels do work perfectly on my wife’s iPhone 8…but being a “wanabe techie”…I have already upgraded to the XS😟
Let us know what you find with the beta version of 12.1.2


No success…same issues you are having


You’re purchasing an extra feature, I suppose. :man_shrugging:


You might try the Widex Evoke. You will need the TV play if you want to stream TV. It streams directly to the aids. And Phone calls require that you speak into the phone. But it has advantages as well. It allows 5 resident programs plus tinnitus and has the SoundSense learn feature that allows you to modify the sound in all of them and tailor them to your preference. And you can save and keep them along with the keeping all of the default settings as well.


Thanks Mark…halos do similar. Am going to go through my February marvel test (wearing starkeys durning the week so I can do business by phone) and if they don’t fix marvels…I will check out widex.
Much appreciated


I expect they’ll get them fixed.


No change with iOS 12.1.2 beta 1. The problem still exists with the iPhone XS.


Has anyone used the Marvels to make a phone call in a very noisy place, like a New York City street? If so, was the other end able to hear and understand your voice?


Thanks for the update @dbmtx