Phonak introduces Marvel platform and Audéo M hearing aids


So glad we don’t have to buy extra Roger receivers anymore! RogerDirect looks awesome.



Here’s my write up: Phonak Marvel Bluetooth Hearing Aid - Stereo Streaming and Hands-Free Calling

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This is great. I didn’t see anything that helped me understand how they did this. It sounds like they use regular bluetooth (not LE). If so how did the solve the power drain issue? What version of Bluetooth is needed? 4.2?
If anybody has any technical specs, would love to see them. Also vague on availability. Sounds like now, or sometime this month with rechargeables next month? Roger isn’t until Fall of next year.



This looks like a good step forward but much will depend on how well the Bluetooth connection performs with heavy use. Apple’s rock solid MFI is very reliable but still suffers from interference, clicking and occasional drop offs. It will be interesting to see user feedback from this forum as people start to trial these hearing aids.

Even though I’m wearing Resound right now, I will say all my previous hearing aids were Phonak and they make good stuff. The B-Directs were a miss but this looks like they finally may have got it right.


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I would also like to know what version of Bluetooth this requires and how long can most people expect to stream. These details seem to be missing which is very unusual for Phonak. They usually brag about how good their battery life is so it will be interesting to see what results people get. Nothing seems to be said so far about compatibility with old versus new phones. Old phones require older Bluetooth compatibility.

I am also assuming that cool features like find my hearing aids and geotagging locations are not included? I could have used the find my HAs multiple times so far and avoided some unwanted anxiety over the potential loss of expensive HAs.

Will they be available in replaceable and rechargeable versions? Or will sealed rechargeables take over once available. I am not interested in rechargeable as there are too many disadvantages for me. I work long shifts and would need lots of streaming calls plus retention of about 40+ hours battery life for at least a few years and I doubt that is possible yet. Sending them in for manufacturer replacement of rechargeables is not a great prospect either. I would hope they keep a replaceable battery version.

And what is their “artificial intelligence” ? I don’t need them to think for me.

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Cliff Olsen’s video is helpful. (linked from Abram’s post). They’ll have 5 models: 312, 312T, Rechargeable, 13T and a Rechargeable T. They become available the end of November, with Telecoil coming in February. It uses plain Bluetooth (don’t know what version and have no idea about battery usage. My reading of the artificial intelligence is that it was used to design them, not that they had it.


DIY - How to Self Program the Phonak Marvel Audéo M

More info:

From a link from this site, it shows app compatibility as requiring BT 4.2 and Android 6 (or iOS 10.2)

Will also require a whole new version of Target (6.0) Also looks like Noahlink Wireless will be only way to program most of them, although HiPro and old Noahlink will work with battery telecoil models.



As a long time Phonak user, this is what I’ve been waiting for. True streaming without wearing a separate streaming device. Currently wearing the Nadia UP. Wonder if they have a version that matches the power output?



Power aid on the way later.



If this really does work well it is a game-changer because it is what everyone wants. So then the competitors have to move up their schedules.

Actually, it is a game-changer even if it doesn’t work particularly well because of the pressure it puts on the other companies. It’s good for all of us.

I may have to return my Costco Phonak Brio 3 and find a local pro and try these. I’ve been a big proponent on the forum for having the intermediate device, for all the connectivity, but of course if I could get all the connectivity with just the hearing aids, I would jump on it. That it is Phonak is a plus for me because they already have very good speech in noise and other sound processing features, like deep frequency compression.

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No mention of a T-coil! Does this hearing aid have a t-coil???



Yes it will have a tcoil as an option, but if I’m remembering correctly, not immediately. Tcoil will eventually be available in 312, 13 and rechargeable models.



Kudos to Phonak for offering so many different form factors, unlike ReSound with their two Quattro models, neither of which is a 312. I’m sticking with ReSound anyway because they’ve been good for me, but I wish they took a page from Phonak’s book in this regard.



I received a response from Phonak on a couple questions I had:

The lithium-ion battery life is 24h, 16h with 4h of BT streaming or 5h of TV Connector streaming.

Streaming uses Bluetooth Classic (HFP and A2DP protocols). We have tested to work with Bluetooth 4.2 and most older versions. Shortly the website will be updated to have Marvel compatibility.


Decisions Choosing HA's before Google and Resound's Announcement

Probably don’t understand, but why would one need t coil now, as you now have direct connectivity?



Fantastic! Love it that they’re still not in bed with Apples’ closed, proprietary world.
I still have about a year or so to go before I can use company benefits to update so by then this kind of capability should be reasonably settled down with even maybe some other competition. The Quattro’s are waiting. Phonak seems to have done it.

Yeah…battery life. And how big are they?



Here is information on how a telecoil works with a hearing loop equipped venue such as a theater or church. Of course they work in a telephone without bluetooth too. A person who has bluetooth in all devices they use and does not have a concert hall, theater, or place of worship that has hearing loop installations will not benefit.

Here is a another resource, including a list of places that have been looped in the USA.

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I tried on the size 312 form factor and honestly, that thing is pretty damned tiny. Smaller than anything I used to fit when I was fitting aids 5 years ago. The rechargeables are supposedly a little bigger, and the size 13 bigger still.



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