Phonak introduces Marvel platform and Audéo M hearing aids



Me too, also a lefty. But I’m conflicted because I want to take a middle seat to hear better, and because I just like being in the middle of everything. :grin:


REM and Feedback test er two different test. I guess it was feed-back test that was done, and what you observed was that the program adjusted the gain curve down, where feed-back was “discovered”.

For those who want to “digg” deeper into it, here are links to



There is also a video that she show and explains REM measurement.


I have used 3 different ha’s with streaming. The Marvels (M90) have the best streaming quality of the 3. Hands down.


That’s like Marvel’s are better than brands A and B… like you find in whitepapers for lots of HA’s. Better to say what brands/models you’re comparing the Marvel’s to.


So should I still have REM done? Right now I’m feeling like this is the best fitting I’ve had so far. I’ve only ever had 3 of course, but still, this seemed pretty spot-on.


Have you seen this description of REM/Real Ear Measurement vs First Fit?


Well, I watched the video, and that is everything I know about REM. I guess what I don’t know anything about is the Feedback Test. He said something about this test correcting for ear canal shape, so I assumed this was some sort of new REM test.


Most (maybe all?) fitting software has a Feedback Test. I never use it unless there is a feedback/squeal problem that needs to be addressed.

The Feedback Test (done in a quiet environment) will make some buzzing/gurgling noises inside your ears and based on measurements taken during this noise, the fitting software will reduce the amount of gain in some frequencies in order to partially or completely eliminate the feedback/squeal problem.

If you don’t have a feedback/squeal problem I don’t see any benefit for running the Feedback Test.


It was acually a series of tones, almost like someone dialing a phone. I have an appointment on Monday, I’ll be sure to ask about REM. I was pretty sure he did it with the Starkeys I trialed, but maybe it wasn’t on the first appointment.

There’s a good chance he was just having fun with the software. :smile:


What kind of domes do you use? Do you get reasonable bass/midrange response? Thanks!


It’s important to run the feedback test for the marvels, as it is also measuring venting and making some adjustments from that that are important for how you sound to the guy on the other side of the phone.

Weird that music sounds bad to you. It has also been my experience that the streaming quality of these is the best of anything so far. That being said, when Phonak had us do a pepsi challenge for HA audio streaming almost everyone picked Phonak but one of my coworkers picked “other brand B” consistently. It was something about how she preferred music to sound, but I can’t remember whether it was more or less sharp now.

In the fittings that I have done so far, first fit has been further below REM targets than the Belongs/Ventures were.


I hope you come to enjoy streaming music. Perhaps I find it pleasant because my previous HAs were Phonak V90s with the com pilot air streamer. I find both the Marvels and my previous as noted to sound much better than the Resound Quattros which I returned. It might be personal preference though.

I find that wires conform to the shape of my ear and fit better within a day or two of first getting them.

I am impressed with the onboard buttons. Particularly how you can turn up and down the sound in streaming mode which actually turns down or up the environmental sounds.

Overall I think my streaming sounds a bit too loud, so will ask to turn that down if possible.


After @Neville 's post and further reading about Oticon Opn’s Feedback Analyzer I take that back. There are other benefits for running the Feedback Analyzer!


I have read your posts and part of my decision to go with the Marvels instead of the Resound Quattros is based on your comments as well of those of others on the Quattros discussion on this forum. I’m hopeful the Marvels will meet my expectations.
I’m still curious if anyone really knows how the Input Dynamic Range of the Marvels compares to the Quattros and also the ability to adjust up to 9.6Khz???


Which version of autosense do phonak sky venture hearing aids have?


Since the sound is “spot on” I would save the money, but if that is not an issue (money) you could ask for REM. You could always go back to the settings you have now. What is REM: “the purpose of real-ear measurement is to compare and verify the real-ear acoustical characteristics of a hearing aid with a prescription target.”

If you ask every HA user here, if they got the test - I guess most havent.

In the end - Whats matter its what kind of sound you like.

The question is “have you tasted the best fruit or is it better out there”.


I think it depends of the level of the technology: Sky Venture V30/V50/V70 or V90. But I am not sure. May be someone more informed than I am can confirm it


I hope you will be as happy with them as I am with mine! After the Quattros, I really didn’t want to try new HA, but with 100% insurance, and knowing how much I loved going from my old Phonak to the V90’s, I wanted to give the, a try. So happy I didn’t wait.


First version of AutoSense.

The marvels are AutoSense 3.0.


I thought the open domes would explain it?