Phonak International Warranty for my Aunt?

My Aunt has moved from America to the UK, (family originally from USA) just after xmas. She bought some Phonak aids (have not got a clue what they are) in September and is wanting to know how the Phonak International Warranty works?

She is wanting to send them off for a check up. Can this be done? Where does she send them as she is now in the UK? What else can be done while they are under warranty?

She asked me but I have no idea as my aids are NHS. These are also her first set of aids.

Hope this all makes sense.

She does not use a computer so does not have access to information.


She will have to go via a local dispenser.

Phonak does NOT talk directly to end users - like most manufacturers of almost anything.

The dispenser probably won’t send the aids off just for a ‘checkup’ - only if a fault is suspected.

Also note that the International Warranty is just ONE year I believe.

Maybe she means she needs something adjusted?

May only need a cleaning. Tell her to find a professional in her community. Ask for recommendations from friends, family, church, doctor. This will be her new friend to help with her hearing. There may be a charge for service, but well worth it.

Thanks, will pass on info.

Cosmo, what do you mean by cleaning? Do you mean cleaning like cleaning your house (cleaning the outside of the aid), or is it another type of cleaning, inside the aid??

I personally rub my aid with this phonak cloth I got every evening before I put in dry and store, a bit like glasses cloth. I could easily do that for my Aunt instead of sending it away. (I see that as cleaning my aid). I may be wrong though.

The specialist has machines that remove moisture from the aid, and a vacuum that gets wax and debris from inside. Also if you have a behind the ear device, the tubing that connects the earmold to the hearing aid needs to be replaced with fresh tubing every 6 months.

Thanks - If she sends it for a clean, will this effect the warranty? Also is this something good to do each year to make the aids work longer. My Aunt is wanting them to last ‘forever’ as they cost her a lot of money. Although now she is living in the UK, she can get more aids for free.

She has dome things which I think need replacing quite regularly but she has many spares as she bought them in bulk so she would not run out as her aud is over an hour away (in texas).

Will get her set up with a private aud here and go from there.