Phonak Icube vs Icube II

Looking to see if there is a hardware difference between the Icube and Icube II. Got a new pair of Audeo V90-13 aids.


The old iCube cannot fit your Audeo V90/Venture. The new iCube II will fit Venture/Quest/Spice but cannot fit CORE (iPFG). Hi-Pro can fit everything except Audeo V-10 which must be fit wirelessly because it’s too small to have the plugin connector required for a wired connection.

My strong DIY recommendation is to use a Hi-Pro over iCube or iCube II.

         --------Venture  Quest  Spice+  CORE (iPFG)

iCube II Yes ---- Yes – Yes – No
iCube – No ----- Yes – Yes – Yes

Thanks for the clarification… I’m finally settled on Phonak V90-10 aids and it looks like I’m stuck with iCube II


My strong DIY recommendation is to use a Hi-Pro over iCube or iCube II.

         Why do you recommend the Hi-Pro over iCube? I like the wireless since I don't have serial connectors.

Please disregard, I found in another post. For anyone else wondering:

…"if you use iCube for Phonak, then you might need Hi-Pro and cables as a backup to unfreeze aids that were frozen during an iCube wireless transmission failure. Avoid iCube for this freeze problem. Instead use a DIY CS44a Phonak converter cable (Google it) along with a Hi-Pro and standard CS44 programming cables. Oh, and get the USB-HI-Pro, not the Serial-Hi-Pro which connects via legacy serial ports.

There should be a DIY Sticky FAQ to keep the old timers from getting annoyed at newbie questions. I don’t know what I don’t know.

A problem with the HiPro though is that the cable may not make a very tight connection to the HA…in my limited experience the cable is too easily disconnected from the HA during fitting.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for that sticky. Some/many in these forums want your attempts at self programming to fail miserably. I was chastised by a Forum Moderator just for having the links you see in my signature line. So I don’t expect you will ever see a sticky to help self programmers.

Assuming you are referencing cs44a cables that plug directly into the hearing aids/HAs, once you are sure you have the correct cable orientation (pay attention to the red dots on the cable and sometimes on what the cable plugs into) then you need to plug it in snugly/firmly. If it’s loose then you are not doing it correctly. It is something you get used to as you become more experienced.

Yes I am using a CS44A* cable into a Phonak Audeo S Smart IX (right only). I hold the HA in front of me and plug the cable directly into the HA in the battery compartment. Target can now successfully connect to the HA. The fit is tight enough to just lift the HA by the cable, but any slight knock and the plug will work loose. I then have to lift the HA and fit it to my ear, during which the cable can easily work loose. I also wear glasses, so I have to get HA around my glasses. Once I have the HA dome in my ear and the HA behind my ear I can proceed with programming; I have to be very careful not to move my head or knock the cable otherwise the plug will come out and the HA disconnects from Target. None of this surprises me as the plug and socket are so small that they are never going to be a really strong fit. I assume this is normal? Perhaps other HA models/brands have a better fit to the cable?

Anyway, I have now bought an ICube as well as the HiPro, so I will have the choice of either. I was getting fed up with the cs44a cable disconnecting at the slightest movement, so I will use the ICube instead most of the time, with the HiPro as a back up (the HiPro should also be useful if I get another HA brand in the future).

*actually a CS44 cable and a home made converter using RJ45 plugs as described elsewhere in this forum.


I am a fellow Audeo yes IX user - how have you found the self programming experience ?
Feel free to drop me a PM on your setup etc


I just bought a pair of Phonak Audeo M90-R’s. I have an Icube which I have used before but that lap top bit the dust along with the program. Does any one know where I can find a program that will work with my cube. Also I am using a mack book Air. Any help would be apreciated.

It’s not a problem with which “program” you use. There is only one fitting software program for your Phonak Audeo M90-R and its name is Phonak Target.

Your problem is that your iCube hearing aid programming device is going obsolete for newer hearing aid models. You can read about it in the DIY School PDF file named (03 Evolution of the Hearing Aid Programming Device). Click PVC’s Avatar on any PVC forum post; Click PVC’s Featured Topic;
and find Hearing Aid Fitting - DIY School

Phonak Target runs on Windows, so there’s that too.