? Phonak Icom

Hi, Perhaps this is a stupid question to some people but I am new to using the Icom and also I have never been able to listen to music on a MP3 Player because of my loss. Does anyone connect a MP3 Player to their Icoms by using bluetooth technology and if so what brand or make do you use? Looking forward to some feedback so I can go hunting :slight_smile:

Most MP3 players do not have Bluetooth even though wireless headphones are quite popular. I use a Samsung YP-T10 which is a fairly old model now but it streams to the iCom in Bluetooth very well. If you want to listen to FM radio also, you will find that most MP3 players use the headphone wire as an antenna.


iPod Touch has bluetooth support. Bit pricey, but a great device

Indeed, almost all smartphones can play audio via bluetooth (iPhone, Android, etc.)

I use mine with my iPhone 4 (and previously with the iPhone 3G). Works great and hearing music once again in Stereo is fantastic!

iPhone 3Gs works great…even better if you use the mini-jack cable rather than bluetooth.

Hi, I use my Nokia 5530 phone as mp3 player, works great with iCom both via bluetooth and with the cable. Cable is better for battery life of phone and iCom…

I use the iPhone 3G with my iCom and it works ok. I can’t wait to upgrade to a newer phone and different carrier. I get echo at times when on calls.

The only thing I find annoying with the iCom is the chimes it makes when it starts streaming and when it finishes. Anyone know if there is a way to program that out or to make the chime shorter?

I use iCom with my iPhone 3Gs and it works very well too.

Just a quick question. Wouldn’t it be kind of counter productive to stream mp3’s through your aids since the quality that the aids could re-produce would be sub par compared to a quality head set that one would put over one’s aids? That’s how I listen to my music and I’d imagine that the sound coming directly though my hearing aids would be kind of “tinny” by comparison. No?
Just curious.

djlen - You are 100% correct. The quality you get from an over the ear headsets are far superior to the HAs. I use the Phonak Audeo Smart IX with the iCom.

That being said, its nice to be able to listen to your mp3s without having to wear the headsets. I mostly listen to Podcasts so quality of sound is not much of an issue for me. Also, it pretty cool to walk around the office listening to my music and podcasts without anyone knowing! I keep my Motorola headsets in my bag for those times I need quality.

Actually, the sound coming in to my Audeo YES IX’s is not tinny, I get pretty decent sound. It is convenient to listen to music, etc. without a headset sitting on my head. But the headset definitely does have superior sound and I use that when working out in the gym as it is not sweat endangered. The headset also doesn’t kill the batteries quite as fast. They’re not perfect, but they are fantastic when used all day taking phone calls on the job.

The system I’m using to hear music is the Aerielle i2i wireless audio device. The units are about 1.5 by 2.5 inches and weight a few ounces. The receiving unit plugs into your ICOM and the sending unit plugs into your audio device. I use it mostly for listening to the TV. They sell them at Amazon. I found them on sale for about $50. Works very well and transmitts about 35 feet. Charges with a USB to your computer or I bought a $10 fast charger that plugs into the wall. Can be charged as you listen if you want.

Neilk –

Agreed. The sound on the Phonak Audeo Smart IX is actually pretty good. I wish I knew more about music theory to be able to explain to my Audi so she can tweak it more. I’m sure I can get better sound. Can anyone post a crash course on what to listen for and explain? (Highs, lows, mids, what to tweak on the Target software, etc…)

NayTatas, don’t forget that Neilk gets a decent quality of sound because he uses custom earmoulds. If you use domes then the quality will be more tinny.


Good point. And perhaps the reason my audi just went with the earmolds when I complained about the Pures that I trialed. Though they didn’t help much with the Pures, they sounded great with the YES IX’s.