Phonak ha's detached from cord

I received my HA’s from the VA this summer after wearing Oticon HA’s for 5 years. When they were being fitted and I was checking them out I remarked that compared to the old ones, these seemed and felt flimsy. I was assured that they held up well. The wire detached from the receiver this evening, and I plan to send them in to the VA for repair. I am wintering over 1000 miles from my Audiologist, but I’ll alert her too.

Has anyone else had trouble with their wires coming out of the HA’s receiver?

Can’t you just stick the receiver back in the aid?

I’ll try it again. It seemed like it wouldn’t stay put though, and it doesn’t work like the other does.

This HA has a hard plastic ear mold and the cord came out of the little part that fits in the mold.

I think you mean the receiver came out of the mold like this >>Oticon miniFit mold<<. It takes pressure to snap it back in and that pressure needs to be on the receiver and not on the more delicate wire. The Oticon miniFit tool shown in that link is made to apply the pressure correctly.

Let’s call things by their correct names. The receiver is a speaker. Your receiver came out of your mold, correct?

Remove the wax filters before removing and reinserting receivers into the mold.

Maybe don’t take your hearing aids off by yanking on the wire.

Or did your wire break off of the receiver?

The wire broke off of the receiver. Thanks for the links.

Oh, then there is no way to fix this. Your need a new >>Phonak receiver<< and then the new receiver will need to be snapped into your mold. The wires are not delicate but they are not sturdy either so try to find another method of taking molds out of your ears other than pulling on the wires. I had custom molds but switched to domes and I remove the domes from my ears by pulling on the sturdy plastic retaining tail.

That’s what I was afraid of. Sending them in for repair or replacement. The receiver was lodged in the mold so tight that I had to use a hemostat to get it out. Probably pulled too hard on the wire. Lesson learned the hard way! Thanks for your help! Merry Christmas too!

Hold on… Are you saying you now have 2 pieces? The aid and the receiver. Generally a receiver in a mold isnt made to be removed. Call your VA AuD they will order the receiver have it sent to or them depending on the receiver and your confidence level. Depending on when you got the aids, less than 180 days ago, you can switch to Oticon or anything else.

I have Oticon HA’s with RIC’c and micro molds and one of the receivers broke off with the receiver part stuck in the mold. All that needs to be done is use the tool that separates the receiver from the mold, then take the wire out of the HA and replace it with a new receiver and snap the receiver into the mold. Your VA audiologist might be able to mail you a replacement receiver in the mail and either you can do the replacement yourself or you can take it to a VA audi near where you are or take it to a private audiologist near you and for a nominal fee they will swap out the bad with the new.

Yes Doc I have more than two pieces. My Audiologist showed me that I needed to remove the receiver from the mold to change the wax guards. I believe I received the Ha’s from the VA in June. I’ll need to go back and check my records. I plan to call her on Monday. I emailed the Denver aquisition and repair facility for a box and a form to send it back to them? The wire came out of the receiver, so I have actually 3 pieces. The mold, the receiver, and the body of the HA with wire attached to it.

The wire has separated from the receiver and the silicon plug will not hold the wire any longer.

It figures that I received my new HA’s on May 5 th. Dang it.

My molds had wax guards and my receiver also had wax guards (4 wax guards total). Here’s a list of >>Utah VA facilities<<. Though maybe only the larger facilities have audiologists. Merry Christmas!!

DO NOT SEND NEW UNDER WARRARTY AIDS TO DENVER!! Your AuD will send them to the manufacturer if they need sent anywhere. Will probably just replace the receiver themselves. Talk to your AuD the 180 isn’t written in stone if you really want to switch both the OPNs and the Primax are available.

It looks like the closest audiology VA clinic is in Las Vegas. I’ll call them after calling my Audiologist in Oregon. I won’t send anything to Denver. I’m tough on equipment, so which of the other HA’s are more sturdy in your opinion? Other than a run in with my dog chewing up a HA, my Oticon experience was good and I had 0 problems. I don’t think you can replace wax guards on the Phonax without removing the receiver from the hard plastic molds. Thank you for your expertise!

I’m sure you’ve all been waiting with bated breath to hear the conclusion of this sad tale. My Audiologist called from Oregon and confirmed that I should send the HA’s in to Denver for repair. Not wanting to wait 4 or so weeks or more, I decided to take Doc Jake’s advice and drop into the nearest VA that had an Audiologist which was Las Vegas. I wasn’t in their system, so I waited an hour or so before they could log me in and then I was allowed to walk in to the Audiologist. I was told that they didn’t accept walk ins, and that my nearest appointment was in late February. They did say that I could call at 7:30 the next morning and perhaps schedule an “emergency” walk in time for that day. Since it is a two hour drive each way, and since they may or may not have a receiver to replace mine, I instead on the way home from Las Vegas decided to call a Phonak dealer in St. George. They asked me to come in and took all the info off of my HA’s and said that they didn’t have that size in stock, but that they would order some and have them in a few days. They called in two days and replaced the receiver, gave me some lessons on replacing wax guards without pulling the receiver out of the molds, cleaned both aids, and told me they were under warranty and that there was NO CHARGE!!! A great result, but I’m not happy that my Audiologist in Oregon who fitted my HA’s wasn’t able or concerned enough to do the same thing. Perhaps it’s time to find a new Audiologist. I want to thank all of you who replied and tried to resolve this for me. It was very helpful!

Yeah! Glad it worked out well.