Phonak Dome lodged in ear canal

Removed my hearing aid and the dome stayed in my ear canal.

Sunday. No doctor or hearing aid visit possible.

Has this happened to you?

How did you remove the dome?

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have a friend see if they can see the dome in you ear. If they can reach it with a tweezers that is what to do. Otherwise, urgent care can do the same.


My audiologist once told me what to do if that happens. She said leaving the dome in over the weekend wouldn’t cause any harm, and I should come to their office Monday morning. She doesn’t suggest seeking medical care in that circumstance because they’ll make a big deal about it, while it’s nothing for an audiologist.


Thank you! Makes sense.

I couldn’t feel it. I appreciate your answer.

So. DID you get the dome REMOVED?!?!?!

Only once did a dome come off in my ear - cuz I hadn’t seated it properly on the receiver/speaker.

However, on a different occasion, one of the tiny wax guards fell off in my ear. I didn’t even know that’d happened, but one fine day, as I put a flashlight up to my ear canal to take a peek (which I do every few months) I saw it sitting in the DOORWAY near the opening of my ear canal! I got over to my audi PDQ and he was able to pluck it out.


Bluejay- How in the world were you able to see into your ear??


I got it out. It was fun. Actually it wasnt

My audiologist who quit would send me home with supplies. He used empty containers. The container had the right size on it. However, the power domes fit my old Phonaks he had set up as back ups. The dome was the wrong size.

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I had the dome of an Oticon get suck.

I play music for a living. It was after a gig on a Friday night, I had another gig on Saturday, and I’ll need to put protective ear plugs in, so I went to the emergency room. One doctor, one pair of tweezers, and after the long wait to see the doc, 5 minutes and it was out.

They charged my insurance company over $2,000, which I thought was pretty steep.

My audi says not to pull the aids straight out of the ear, but to pull them out at an angle. She says the chances of getting them stuck are much less.

That was 5 or so years go, and I haven’t had the problem reoccur.


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Thanks Bob. Much appreciated.

The old domes will fit on the new receivers but you really have to jam them. The new domes are too big for the old receivers.

It won’t do anything in your ear but be annoying. I’ve pulled out domes that were probably in the ear for 6+ months and the ear was fine, though it puts you at a higher risk of infection to have it just sitting there for that long. Unless it’s very close to the edge and you have a trusty friend with good hands, just leave it. If a less than trusty friend ends up shoving it deeper, it makes it that much harder for us to pull out. Most clinics will squeeze you in pretty quickly to get a dome out. I would expect even a clinic that wasn’t yours to be pretty open to doing that, so you could probably have called around a bit if someone near you is open weekends.

Doctors will do it, but they don’t have to do it so often and so aren’t always as adept. In Canada they wouldn’t charge you $$$$ for it.


You can buy an ear video camera with a USB-A port. I have one with an attachment plastic hook to remove ear wax. It will remove your domes.


Thanks Neville.
I was lucky and got it out. It was a dome for the old Phonaks

The Target Report my practitioner gave me after setting up my Paradise P90’s so I could hear says “Power Dome”, not closed dome. I thought I had the right size…didn’t.

I’ve had criticism because I’m not hearing well lately.

In this experiment of life I hate disappointing others by not being able to hear.


That’s a wonderful suggestion.


It’ll also detach the long process of the malleus in untrained hands…

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Rest assured. I’m old and (usually) know my limits.
I got lucky and got the darndome out.

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If your hearing aids are first fit for power domes and you’re using closed domes, you may be getting insufficient low frequency gain.


I didn’t see the itty bitty little wax guard till it was literally at the very doorway at the outside of my ear canal.

But I can see into the ear canal maybe 1/4" or so using a magnification mirror in one hand and a small pen flashlight in the other.

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Again … WHO is saying that could be a very soft-spoken person. Just sayin’

You could get the Roger V2 pen and have that person WEAR it - like a necklace!

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I have the Phonak personal microphone. edit: I’ve offered it; I’m told that I have the hearing problem Won’t use it.

I’ve never had Phonaks like these. I used to think that the only way to hear better was to turn up the volume.
When I left the audiologist who dispensed them, at his request, he had not set the two hearing aids to communicate. And he had the wrong dome…edit: old audi had set “open domes”; I was using “closed domes” with two vents that he had supplied.
My hearing aids talk now. Left to right. So the directional mics work. Sort of.

I’ve tried to share the books that I’ve referenced before. No interest. I’ve tried to arrange appointments with the audiologist-that-quit and the new practitioner. No interest.

I’ve understood your comments. Someone else hasn’t. Makes it hard.

The good news is I got the darn dome out.