Phonak Custom Ear Molds and Wax

I just got a pair of Phonak Lumity 90 hearing aids with custom earmolds. When I asked my audiologist about replacing the was guards (which all my previous aids had), she told me that there were none to replace on the custom mold, but gave me a small tool to use to remove wax from the opening.

I don’t doubt her, but I just wanted to check with this group of “experts” on the best way to care for custom ear molds.
Thanks for your advice.

I was told that the cerustop filters can be put on the custom molds but I could be wrong.

I’ll be returning for a followup visit in a week or so, I’ll double check this. I had specifically asked if those would be needed, and was told they would not.

I have the Phonak L90’s with custom cShells and I just finished changing the wax guard. Maybe you have a different custom mold.

I don’t know about the 105dB ones, but my receivers use wax filters and I have custom molds.

I was surprised and skeptical when I was told my custom molds don’t need wax guards (on the outer shell). Now I love that. I use the tool every morning. AND, I got the Jodi Vac consumer vacuum that’s solved my huge wax issues that I had with my old rubber tip dome style aids as well. My audi was impressed with it too. I used to have to go in to get cleanings every two or three weeks with the changable wax guards, and I was assiduous. Now, no need! So delight in not having to change wax guards and use the tool and Jodi vac. My custom molds are much more wax free–entirely so, I should say–with this system than my old domes ever were.

I think that might be the case with mine as well. Just seemed odd, since I’m used to having to replace wax guards on my previous two sets of aids.

I have P90R with custom molds and I can slide the receivers out of the custom molds to change the wax guards.
I also use the Serene hearing aid cleaner to vacuum the tiny hole that exposes the receiver wax guard within the custom mold.
My custom molds are silicon, but not sure what yours are made from.
I had a Jodi-vac but it wore out a few years ago and decided on the Serene.