Phonak cShell / Power Dome / Molds - Interchangeable?

Hi -

Does anyone know if the Phonak CRT custom mold (cShell/xShell) can be swapped out for the Power Dome or 3rd Party Mold without having to replace the reciever? It’s difficult to tell from the Phonak photos. I did read somewhere on the HAF that the programming would have to be adjusted for the change.

I have the power receiver with my YES IX’s. I have custom molds made by Westone. The receiver slips into a pocket in the mold. The power receiver itself is slightly bigger than the standard receiver from the look of it in pictures, and therefore requires a mold with an appropriate sized slot or pocket.

I hope that answers your question?

Does anyone know what the difference is between the cShell and the xShell?

Perhaps one of the professional dispensers out there know which custom mold for the Audeo YES with POWER CRT is the most discrete??? :o

I also have the same question.
Maybe an expert can asnwer us.