Phonak Compilot, iPhone, and notifications/sounds


I know this device has been out in the wild for quite a long time and this issue may have already come up, but I could not find where anyone posted about it so here it goes.

I like my Compilot but there is something that has been an annoyance and I am finally getting around to trying and getting it addressed. Here is the problem. I am talking to someone and all of a sudden I get a text message on my phone. At that point, I hear a chime in my hearing aid (notifying me it’s going into stream mode), at which point the hearing aid receivers cut out so now I can not hear the person I’m talking to with the benefit of the HAs. This lasts a few seconds and then I get another chime in my HAs (notify me I’m going out of streaming and back to normal HA mode).

This also happens when I receive an email, or of course, a phone call.

I can disable the notifications and set to vibrate only, but I wish I could just have the audio alert be done by the phone and not the HAs as I miss many texts and emails unless I constantly monitor my phone manually. My audi told me this is not possible. :frowning:

Does anyone have similar issue and know if there is a work around?

My aids (KS6) are similar. Notifications will cut out audio. I have mine set to vibrate and vibrate set to max. I get every instance with that and the phone in my front pocket.

Same issue here. Apparently it’s a known bug that Phonak fixed with the Venture platform and ComPilot II. I only use the ComPilot for streaming from the TV streamer. I turn bluetooth on the phone off when I turn the Compilot on to prevent such interuptions.

Thanks for the replys guys. It’s been a pet peeve of mine for the past nearly four years as I have used the Compilot. Funny how you put up with something for so long. So now I have my sound notifications all set for vibrate only except for calls. I would have liked to set it up so that the phone only handled the tone and vibrate notifications for certain things and the calls automatically went to streaming, but I guess that is not possible with the equipment I have.

I also have the TV streamer set up but rarely ever use it as I have wireless headphones that provide better sound quality and streaming for that long kills battery on both Compilot and the HAs.

I’ve also, at my Audio’s direction, set both lock sounds and key clicks to “off” to prevent going into streaming mode everytime I want to send a text which works well.