Phonak ComPilot II is not streaming audio to my hearing aids

I just bought a second hand Phonak Compilot II - the problem is I can’t hear any input.
When I switch it on (with Main pressed) I can hear the introduction audio well. I can turn the volume up and down and the intro stops when I press Main again. It means that the connection between the hearing aids and the Compilot II works fine.
I can pair BT devices without problem - I paired my phone (‘connected for calls and audio’) and my PC where I can select the Compilot II as output device. When I start audio on a device the blue light stays on continuous, so it connects a stream. When I press Main the music stops, pressing again: the music continues. All very fine and as expected.
But I can not hear any music at all! Nothing!
Last experiment: I connected an MP3 player via cable in the audio input. Orange light is continuous, so it detects input but again: no sound…
I am lost! Is there anyone who knows what to do?
Thanks in advance!

If the second hand ComPilot is still linked to the previous owners hearing aids, you won’t hear anything.

Thanks for your response.
I assumed that the linking was OK, because I could hear the introduction in my hearing aids. How to link it to my own hearing aids?

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You’ll need to take it to your audiologist to have it linked to your aids.

I bought a second hand ComPilot Air and had to select that it needs to ‘stream to any wireless hearing aids’ for it to work with my HAs.

Indeed, I asked my audi en she paired them using Target. Once I received my iCube II i now know how to do it myself… :slight_smile:

If you’ve got Target already, you don’t need the iCube II to make the ComPilot work.

Ahhh… I am a newbie in the field of hearing aids as a hobby and I want to proceed carefully… first get to know the ins and outs, read a lot on fora and make a backup of my current settings before before getting into programming them for real.
Thanks for your help! It works well and I am a happy camper!