Phonak ComPilot Air II replacement battery

I’m trying to get hold of a replacement polymer battery for my Compilot Air2 unit.
Reference number IP532328. 3.7v 325mAh.
Can anyone help please?

Does the Air use a different battery to the other ComPilots?

Yes it’s much smaller. Reference number IP532328 3.7v 325mAh three wire.

Size approx. 28mm L x 23mm W x 4mm thick.

Lithium type batteries have the size encoded in the part number. a 532328 would be 5.3 mm thick, and 23x28 mm width and length. I don’t know what the third wire is for, unless it goes to the charging circuitry separately. You could search on eBay for 532328 and see what comes up. There are independent hearing device repair places and one of them might carry it. Going to Phonak would be my last choice.


Apparently the third yellow wire is connected to a thermistor on the battery which senses any overheating of the battery. Whether the Compilot will work without it I’ve yet to find out.

I have seen that a couple of times on larger battery packs. You might be able to dig it out of the existing battery and tape it to a new one.

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Thanks. I was wondering about that. It seems such a high price to pay to have a battery that’s costs less than a fiver to buy. Connavans want £99 (I think it was) to service the unit.

The new listing mentions the Air 2.

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You are joking!! By the time I pay a huge postal cost, plus import duty it comes to more than 60 dollars to send to the UK!

I’ve just re-read your reply about the reference number being the size of the battery! Many thanks!
The yellow wire is connected to a quite elaborate circuit board contained two chips and a number of resisters etc. When I receive a replacement two wire alternative i’ll See if it can be connected to it. It’s pretty intricate stuff though.

Otherwise I’ll fork out for a replacement unit. My Boots Hearcare will then have to program it to my CIC hearing aids though.

I use it in bed, clipped to my pyjama top. I can then listen to music through my iPhone. During the day I use the full size Compilot ii. worn round my neck.

You didn’t mention that you were in the UK.

I use a Phonak Roger Focus in my right ear with EasyGain feature set to max to listen to the radio all night. I connect my Roger transmitter to my radio.

Hay I’m looking to buy online the battery for the compailot air 2 can someone send me a link? Please🙏

Hey, where can I find that kind of battery?

Try here

Talking about programming the compilot to hearing aids, I have recently purchase a (presumably used) compilot air from ebay and planned to go to my audi to have it matched to my ha, I was surprised that when I turned it on, it automatically streamed to my ha (which are Naida B30 up) and it also automatically streamed to my other ha (naida V70 up). It, however does not have a fully matched function in that I could not use it as a remote control for both ha’s. Also it did not stream to my older ha’s (naida q50 up). But then streaming is what I need the compilot for alerting and answering phone calls and listening to music from my android devices, so I was saved a visit to the audi.

It won’t work with your Q50 as it’s a ComPilot Air II which only works with Belong and Venture platforms.

The ComPilot is made that’ll work straight away with your HAs but if you want it to work as a remote control as well, then it’ll have to be paired to your HAs.

The ComPilot Air II only lasts 4 hours if you are listening to music.