Phonak Certena v. Unitron Next 8 v. Widex Aikia v. Oticon Vigo Pro

Hello. I am new to hearing loss and hearing aids. I am a 32 yr old male. I have had some minor hearing loss for a few years now. My mother wears a cochlear implant and had her first hearing aid at age 39. I am getting hearing aids for the first time, and my audiologist has recommended four different hearing aids for me to look into:

Phonak Certena Full Size BTE
Unitron Next 8 Full Size or Mini BTE
Widex Aikia BTE
Oticon Vigo Pro BTE

The organization I am getting my HAs through has a set price arrangement, so price difference is not really a part of what I am considering. I was hoping folks on this website might be able to offer me some first hand opinions or reviews of all or one of these hearing aids. I would like to have the best all around hearing aid. I am torn between automatic and manual programs. I want to know which has the best directional hearing functions, because, honestly, I want to be able to converse in loud locations. I am a musician and I love listening to music. I exercise a lot, work outside in rain and sun. I am not overly concerned with visibility of my HAs, though I would appreciate having smaller ear molds - my audi seems to think I am in need of ear molds, but she also indicated that the Mini BTE Next 8 would only have the dome, not a mold.

Thanks! I am feeling a little lost with all of this!

250 55 50
500 65 60
1000 70 45
2000 65 60
4000 55 55
8000 70 70

I dont dispense Phonak, but I would prefer a wireless aid any day,
so given the choices- One option could be the Phonak.

I Like also the Vigo, it is really small instrument and it has a good sound…

The Next 8 is to basic compare to the certene and Vigo and Widex Aikia is rather
old instrument

I agree with xbuilder except that even though the Vigo Pro isn’t wireless, it has better directionality( 4 band multi adative vs single band adaptive) and better comfort in noise than the Certena, which has no automatic confort in noise program. The Vigo is more comparable to the Certena and in that case the Certena would be my choice.

never said that vigo is wireless, I said certena could be better choice
because of their streaming capabilites…

but both the vigo pro and certena should be considered… I would lean towards phonak

Thanks for helping narrow things down - when you talk about the Certena being “wireless”, do you mean the bluetooth capability to connect with phones, stereos, tv, etc? And can’t you accomplish a similar thing with a telecoil and a wireless induction loop with most hearing aids?

Thanks for the clarification.

My audi tells me that the Widex people approach hearing loss in a different way than other manufacturers - looking to create a more “natural” assistance. In other words, I think, amplifying all sound rather than just the important stuff, but still trying to focus on speech…

I have “sensorineural hearing loss, good word recognition right ear, excellent word recognition with rollover left ear”.

After much reading in the forums, I am tempted to try the Phonak Certena for it’s reputation as being the current best manufacturer (Phonak), the Widex Aikia for having a more natural approach to sound, and the Oticon Vigo Pro for it’s multi-band adaptive directionality (I tend to spend a lot of time talking in large groups and loud situations…)

Any further help refining these choices would be greatly appreciated. I have been reading also about the FM systems for listening to music - I realize I won’t be able to afford much but the HAs themselves, but would hope to listen to music through them one day - FM or bluetooth, or both. Is FM the same as a tcoil?

you can do the same with a t coil enable HI and a artone loopset for example

It is true that widex has a confortable sound, its always been like that. But it is also true widex is quite behind in terms of tech. to this date, they dont even have a simple
VC coordination in their HI. Siemens has siemens with VC coordination for example, quite a few years ago…

One good thing about widex is that the instruments are really sturdy and durable…