Phonak Cassia

Had them for about 8 months. A problem is that things like the bells in my car and certain high tones on the tv make them give out tones all by themselves. It seems like it is happening more frequently. I havn’t really tried to get into it with my audi. I don’t think she cares and I don’t think she knows. It didn’t seem like at first it bothered me but it is more and more.

Well if you haven’t told her the hearing aids are doing it, then she won’t know about it. If you haven’t discussed it with her or made it apparent that it is an issue for you then saying that she doesn’t know and doesn’t care isn’t really fair to her.

What happens is the hearing aid hears a sound that it thinks is feedback and it kicks in its feedback cancellation. Thing is, it’s not feedback, it’s a real sound and when the phase cancellation tries to create an out-of-phase sound to try to cancel out the feedback, since it’s not feedback, it actually generates a sound.

Well, when I said “I don’t think she knows” I meant I don’t think she knows how to fix it. Actually she is aware that my hearing aids are doing that cause I told her. When I told her, I was expecting her to make some adjustment or something. What she did was give me an answer very similar to yours, DocAudo. I was there for a 6 month checkup or something. Cleaning, etc. She then just let me back out the door. I can’t seem to see a possible solution to my problem in your answer either.

Well, to be honest, I don’t know of one. It’s a mistake the hearing aid algorithms are making and we can’t go in and change the algorithms for feedback management. I have had so very few patients who have this problem, and the couple that have, it happens so infrequently it’s not an issue for them.

Maybe the next time you go in, tell her it’s REALLY bothering you because it happens so frequently and ask her to call Phonak to see if there is any solution.

Thanks, DocAudio. I am going to INSIST the next time I see her, that she turn off the t-coil on the hearing aid. I actually never had this problem until I wanted to try the t-coil. Anyway, thank you for an honest answer.