Phonak Cassia

Went to the audiologist this morning. Going to get my first set of HA’s. BTE with small tube into the ear. I got so excited I forgot to get my audiogram. My hearing is now equal in both hears. Great for bass sounds. Bad for high pitch tones. She said if I don’t sweat up the small tubes, they will be fine. But, if I do I will need a larger tube with a custom made plug for my ear, $65 bucks each. 2400 for the pair. What does anyone think of this deal? 40 day return if I don’t like.

Well, sounds like a fairly good deal to me! I sure wish you had asked for your audiogram. Maybe your getting senile too! Just a little good natured teasing from an old friend. When are you gonna get those fancy aids?

Good News! They called from my audiologist and I’ve got an appointment to go in for the fitting. It won’t be long now. Anybody got any ideas about that Cassia yet?

Well, I got my aids. When I first put them on, the part I didn’t like, it made my voice very loud. The audiologist fiddled around with the computer and tried to make it better. I think maybe it helped a little. I just don’t know what to expect. I am lost, I need help, everyone here just ignores me.

Hi Chronic, I really do not know anything about phonak, but I can tell you I would wish to be you in this case, as I use oticon epoqs, and they have a feature called “my voice” and to me while it is good to lower your voice in hot conversations speedy and talking to 4-5 people cause your voice interrupts your hearing, in other cases (this is my life’s %99 portion) it is just a pain, because I cannot tune my voice and this results in a terrible presentation, I do not give any confidence as it sounds like I just try to imitate a human voice but am not actually a human. So my next step will be to get a device which making my voice untouched and naturally LOUD to me as it should be; eventually I am the closest person to me :wink:

That price sounds real good to me if they work well for you. When I recently trialed Cassias they wanted 5590 for the pair. They did not charge extra for ear-molds.

I have been wearing hearing aids for 10 years. Widex Senso Diva ITC for the last 7. I just recently ended a trial of Phonaks, initially Solana and then Cassia. I started with open domes on the Solana and then moved to the custom ear-molds with larger tubing. The Cassias used the ear-molds too. I did not like the Phonak sound at all, but it was likely a programming issue.

I am currently trying HearSource FreeStyle aids with the domes. I am just starting to try programming them myself. They seem much better for me and the cost was much lower. I added directional microphones & telecoil. The cost was 2300 for the pair.

The Cassias have more features. The two aids talk wirelessly to each other. When you change the program on one aid, the other one changes too. I think the Cassia lacks the telecoil for phone use.

It is a pain having to adjust each aid individually but, for me, the lower price and self programming seemed like a good deal. The phone support & programming help seem good too.

I hope you enjoy your Cassias. I cannot find an audiologist in my area that I feel I can trust, and none that deal with multiple vendors. From what I have seen on this forum, finding a good audiologist is most important.

I am new here, but I have read many of the postings in my research. Members recommend you post your audiogram in your signature, when you get it. This last test, I forgot to ask, but I got it on a follow-up visit. I think in my state, they are required to provide it if asked. The audiogram will also let you compare any hearing changes as the years progress.

Thanks ProgidyPlace,
I did get my audiogram. It should show up on this post. It looks strikingly similar to yours. Your comments are interesting. My original idea was after I had done a little research into hearing aids was to get a pair from AmericaHears or Hearsource. But, when I went to the audiologist, the price she quoted was not too bad it seemed and instead of sticking to my plan I succumbed to the easiest route which was to just let her sell me those Cassias. I can’t say I like their sound, but, don’t have anything to compare it to. I will try them at work but if they don’t help me with understanding the female voices at work I don’t know why I would keep them. That is a shocking price they wanted for those cassias! Thanks for your post.

Just returned from the Audi and am feeling very good about it. When she brought me into the room she introduced me to the Phonak Rep who was there to train my Audi. I was very pleased with this as I had a sense my Audi was uncomfortable with the new technology she had received. It was great the Rep explained some things, confirmed some things, double checked some things, made a few suggestions which me and my Audi acted on and I love the way I can hear now. Anyway, I feel reassured that my aids have been adjusted right for me at this time.

Chronic…I am getting ready to try Cassia aids…did yours work out for you? My set would be about 3400! How can the difference in price be so great …I am in NC…another person on here from VA was quoted over 5,000 for his Cassias…what is the deal??? Anyway, let me know if your Cassias worked for you…my loss is very different…reverse slope loss…thanks! Rosie

Hi Rosie,
Well, I think Phonak Cassia’s are working good for me. Often, at night, I forget to take them off until I am crawling under the covers. My point is, that is an example, to me anyway, that I am getting very used to them and comfortable with them. I wish I could give you some comparison’s with other aids but I don’t have any experience with this. My gosh they are asking an awful price. Why I have no idea. I just don’t get what goes on in this hearing aid industry. Here is my honest best advice. Don’t be too quick to commit to a certain hearing aid. Best of luck and if you want more advice or feedback let me know.

Thanks and good to know they are working for you…I have learned a lot over the past 2 years and last summer trialed 3 different aids at Costco…lost a set of siemens cielo 2’s in 2009 after having them for 2 years, but never worked well for me for various reasons…i stopped going to get adjustments from my audi and now have learned that it is important to do that…soooo, hopefully with what I have learned from this forum (A LOT!) and from my mistakes, I will go this week to trial cassias…I already asked my audi about more than the 45 day trial since I need to be in my classroom and that won’t be until end of Aug. to really see how it works in that environment…he said I could have 60 days! I take notes from everyone’s suggestions on here and am ready to roll! I will keep you posted and thanks…BTW I have a reverse slope loss and it’s quite different than most…rosie

I just purchased these the other day, will be receiving them ASAP. I got the all in one remote… Hope it goes well… I am at a 90/105 hearing loss… And unfortunately I did a lot of researching on price and got the aids for $1095. Ea & remote for $360…