Phonak Brio R-312T

Anyone out there using the Phonak Brio 312T? I pick mine up Oct 7th for a 180 day trial period, and just wondering if anyone is using them, and what their experience has been?

I am. I also have the Kirkland Signature 6.0, which is based on the ReSound Lynx, and prefer the Brios. I just have the automatic program. I put them on in the morning, take them off at night, and they do just fine.

A few days ago I was in a training class at work, and during a group exercise saw someone struggling to hear a person sitting next to him. Across the table, I heard everything from both of them just fine.

Thanks for the reply Jayman, I’m starting to feel comfortable with the choice I made.

Jayman, I see you have the compilot. Do you use it and do you like it? What is the price at Costco? Thanks in advance.

Hi - I’m not jayman, but I will mirror his comments. The Brios go in in the morning and out at night. They just work and the sound is natural.

I had the audi put 6 programs on the Compilot II, but I find the automatic mode works great in all situations and precludes the need to use the Compilot.

As for price - the Compilot is included in the $2699/$2799 price.

Thanks Ray3 for that info. I pick up my Brios on Oct 7th. Last week when I ordered them, I had a choice between the compilot or the volume remote control. I chose the volume remote, that’s why I asked about the price of the compilot. Just wondered what the price was in case I decide to order the compilot in the future.

You can get it on Amazonfor about $215.

I can always count on BlueCrab!:slight_smile:

How well are the Brios working for everyone in the difficult listening environments ?

I use the Compilot when I’m using the TVLink for audio from my TV a=t home or computer at work. It was $299.99 and included the Compilot, a TVLink, and a Remote Mic. I don’t ever use the Remote Mic. Lately I rarely use the Compilot.

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Great, as I described in my post above.