Phonak bluetooth TV adapter

Wondering if anyone has experience with using a third party bluetooth adapter with Phonak, (other than the tv link). It seems as though there would be a less expensive way to connect. (Motorola gateway?)
I have the Audeo Smart V and Icom and want to be able to use the bluetooth with my tv when I’m on the treadmill. Trying to drown out the sound of the treadmill!

Some thing you might want to consider is a product I’ve been useing for a year now. It is sold by Amazon and probably others. It is called the Aerielle i2i wireless audio streamer. Two very small devises are included (1"x2"x3/4"). One hooks to the output from your TV and the other one plugs into your ICOM. They only weigh a couple of ounces. The other TV watcher can listen to the TV at their own volume while the HA user can adjust the volume coming into their HA using the streamer. Works great for me and gives me the flexibility to walk around the room and hear the TV.

Here is the web site if you are interested

Another possibility is an Artone Bluetooth neckloop and a audio cable off the tv into the Artone receiver.I don’t know if the Artone works with the Gateway but it will work with the audio cable.

I’m trying to avoid having any cable connection between the iCom and the tv (like when I listen to my iPod).

The item at Amazon is cordless and has ability to change volume.

Looks like that would work ok. Thanks!

I had the bluetooth Sony HWS BTA2W which works but there is lag so lips are not in sync. So I just got the aerielles i2i which are FM and work very well.

The i2i’s come with two sets of cable long and short but both sets have a male 3.5mm on one end and a 2.5mm on the other. You need two 3.5mm’s to work with a ComPilot which comes with such a cable but it is 3 ft long so you have to coil it up. I have ordered a short one on eBay for $3.5

I want to add that depending on what you want to hear you might want to consider wireless headphones instead.

I with a bluetooth or FM connection to your streaming device (I have the ComPilot) you will hear speech well, but not music as the hearing aids cannot produce the bass.

I have Sennheiser HDR 45’s and RS120’s that fit on over my entire ear including where the mics are on the hearing aids. These pump the base into my ear canals and the high frequency into the HA mics so music is good. I also have Logitech Free Pulse bluetooth headphones which hang off the top off you ear lobes. These also work without lag but the bas is muddled.

The Sennheiser models I have are not top of the line wireless headphones, but they are great value. I doubt people with hearing loss would benefit from top of the line wireless headphones anyway. The RS120’s are $55 on Amazon.

Since these are not noise isolation type headphones you can hear people in the room if they speak while you are wearing them to listen to TV.
But they are big and clunky whereas streaming to your HAs is unobtrusive.

Any bluetooth sender that can transmit trough the A2DP protocol should theoretically work.
Perhaps the SKU 80115 on dealextreme could cover it. (Allthough I would not vouch for the latency or pairing process;))

thank you for share about Aerielle i2i Stream Wireless Digital Audio Streaming Device
I will get one :slight_smile:

After getting the Arielle, I tested it out with my iPhone. Works, so I tried to figure out how to hook it up to the tv. The trouble is, it’s a new tv and the only audio out is optical. So, we bought an output cable and converter. Mostly static. Very disappointed. Apparently we need a receiver to decode the optical audio to listen through headphones. Guess I’ll research the tvlink.

You need to change a setting in the audio mode of your Tv,I think it is The PM mode.I had the same problem and my engineer son did the adjustment.