Phonak Audeo V70, V90 vs B50?

Hi everyone!

I’m a complete noob on HA, so I have read up on lots of threads here, the last couple of days. I’m 51yo living in northern Europe, but I found this forum to be the best, which is why I’m here now … :slight_smile:

My problem is that getting the first HA is, like many of you have also stated, very hard - the brands, the features and the yearly models… Anyway, I was visiting the nearest audi, and got a word recognition of about 60% with tinnitus and moderately bad high frequency perception. I have mostly problems following discussions in a crowd, and my TV is probably on a higher volume than well-hearing would have.

So the options that the audi layed out was;

Now, I know the V line is the older line, but how do they compare to the newer audeo B line?
The health care where I live, gives the V70 for free, the V90 for about 350usd and the B50 for about 420 (very rough currency conversion!). The B70 is twice the B50. (the B variant without BT and rechargeable batteries)
The catch is that whatever I get, I’ll be stuck with them for about 4 years, before I can get a new set. There is of course higher levels but I figure V90/B50 sounds about right for a noob like myself.

I understand that the price levels are different from North America, but I give them so you can relate to my choices.

Since I’m getting my first HA, I’d like to spend as little as possible (obviously), but in the same time, I don’t want to be targeting too low either, given the 4year period.

Has anyone done a comparison between, say the V90 and the B50?

Any suggestions very welcome!

If you can get a B90 for less than $900, do it. That’s less than our cost!

I’m not sure why’d you pay for the downgrade to B50. Assuming it was a typo. Either way, I’d suggest just getting top of the line if the cost is that low.

But the B50 is the newer model. The V range has been around for some time, and normally the newer models gets more features from the previous models. You know, like the car models always gets bigger for every new incarnation.
This is why it is so hard to choose! :slight_smile:

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No, this was the B70. I did not ask for the price of the B90, as I don’t think my hearing is bad enough for that kind of spending.
Remember, I’m a first timer.

Oops, typo. Meant B70. That’s crazy cheap.

The B series is going to be a 10%-20% upgrade from the V series. The higher the model, the better you will hear in noisy environments.

Someone asked a related question on our expert answers forum this morning:

I don’t think it’s worth buying high tech HAs.

I personally am profoundly deaf but hear v well with my Phonak Q70. I have no problem in noise or in the car or on windy days.
I have StereoZoom and ZoomControl as manual programs but I NEVER use them as I find my automatic programs to work very well.
I also have only ever had one fitting. I’ve not had to go back for any adjustments.

I’ve just bought the Sky V50 and will get them in a couple of weeks. I mainly got the new Venture HAs because of SoundRecover2.
I got the V50 because the automatic programs were the same as my Q70.

The V90s are a great HA. Whether or not you need the top level aid in the version you choose depends on your listening requirements. If you are in noisy environments a lot and find most of your hearing problems relate to noise then the higher level aids may be better. You may have to try both levels to decide if there is a benefit for you. If you don’t have the option to try them both then I would get the highest level in the most recent aid that you can afford. Your prices are very cheap and most of us expect an aid to last at least 5 years.

Thanks everyone for your input - I think I’m a bit closer to a decision, the V70 or V90 both sounds good enough, given that I don’t need the features of the newer B series (chargeable / BT).
I’ll see if I can test the V70, and if not, I’ll probably go for the V90 just to be sure. I think all of you are saying that the B50 should not be the device to consider if the V90 is slightly cheaper (and V70 free), even though I know it is hard to describe the difference with sound products, and probably especially with hearing aids.
Extra thanks to @Zebras for giving your opinion - it is giving me a perspective!

I’m curious as to what health care policy these days will pay that much towards hearing aids :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

The employer-based insurance I currently have pays 90% for hearing aids - this was a bit of a surprise to me and is what prompted me to get them now as I won’t have this insurance after June. They use Amplifon to manage hearing aid benefits and the price I was quoted for OPN 1s are lower than what I see many people reporting here ($4995/pair - still obscene, in my opinion.)

Maybe this was also a question for me? It is the standard/public government health care, but the ‘county’ where I live let’s us choose from any brand and thus “upgrade” from the free base line of hearing aids.

The products that the county has procured includes service during the years we use them, and we have to give them back when changing for newer ones. If we go outside of their selection, we miss the full service (outside of the normal warranty).
If going outside the procured selection, in order to not have people upgrade every time there’s a new HA arriving, only after 4-5 years can we upgrade again, unless, of course we purchase the HA privately for full price.

(Not sure county is the correctly translated term, but I guess it is anyway similar to county)

Yes, that’s still way too expensive.

Another Swede here - based on your description of the system in your county I’m guessing that you either live in Stockholm or Skåne. Cannot help you with the choice of hearing aids (I’m getting new ones tomorrow, as mine are four years old), but PM me privately if you have questions about the Swedish system for getting HAs. My main advice would be: go for whatever is offered free through the national health care system, if the audiologist considers your needs not to be covered by the basic range (which can be found here: Hörapparater - Hitta och jämför hjälpmedel - 1177 Vårdguiden - sjukdomar, undersökningar, hitta vård, e-tjänster) they also have the possibility to prescribe HAs from outside of the basic range, without additional cost (but this is very rarely talked about in Stockholm or Skåne). Also: the ‘basic range’ is much higher quality than most audiologists in Skåne or Stockholm give it credit for, as they are interested in selling HAs (I’m getting Phonak Audeo V90 tomorrow).

Yes, I’m in Stockholm! PM Sent!

My mothers side of the family is from Sweden, with the income taxes they extract from you over there, they better be paying for your aids.

It is the other way around - we pay this (higher) tax, to make sure everyone can get the aid/care they need. :slight_smile:

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Which hearing aid have you decided to trial?

Actually, I have made an appointment with another audi, since I didn’t think I got any good explanation why I should choose one device over the others. I kind of felt that, as long as I upgraded from the standard, such as to a device with BT or rechargeable, all would be fine, even if the ‘level’ where lower than base level. I suggested to go with V70 instead of V90, which he advised against, without being able to give me any real reason why. It might be that I’m unfair to him, to be honest, but I also think it is good to learn more about this new situation of mine.
End of next week I’ll meet the new audis.

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