Phonak audeo v30 312t

i have these aids the phonak audeo v30 312t and i would like to know if these have the ability to use some type of mic that i might carry and have them bluetooth back to the aids?

i got some signia ax aids last fall and had a thread on them going with programing and getting the tv streamer to work that i found out was the wrong signia tv streamer. so i had to get another tv streamer.

anyway those signia ax aids i just could not get to program like the phonak aids. i tried and tried and i went to the audi and they tried and tried and the phonak just work better so i went back to them and i will keep the signia ax aids as backup. the signia bluetooth seemed to work for the phone well but the tv streamer turned on and off all the time if i turned on a game on my phone the tv streamer turned off i did not like that and sometimes it just turned off and then back on.

my brother has aids and he carries some kind of mic in his pocket and told me that it worked way better that without it so i think that is a bluetooth mic and he hears thru that.

so it the phonak aids have that bluetooth ability what device would i look for? i can get the mic for the signia but that thing is over 300$ and if i find out what the mic is for the phonak i think it is called the rodger mic but i’m not sure i may get one for the phonaks and give it a try. then i do not need the tv stream for the phonak aids i will just use the mic.

i did watch a few YT on the bluetooth and dr. cliff claims the bluetooth is far better and it did work good with the signia aids if i could have got them programed better. it tired and tried and the only way i could hear good with them was to crank them up so they hurt my ears. the phonak i got working real great and i do not have all the same issues so like i said i will use the signia ax for a backup pair.


Audeo V30 is Venture line from 2014/2015 are non bluetooth. Connection to bluetooth devices only with intermediatary device (ComPilot Air II or ComPilot II or EasyCall II Smartphone Streamer)

Supported Microphones: RemoteMic , Roger Pen

All supported Phonak Audéo V Accessories are listed in the mid of this website Phonak Audéo V Hearing Aid | Reviews and Prices

Here you can find an
Overview of all Phonak Hearing Aid releases

ok thanks it sounds like i would need 2 devices then to be able to do that, with these older phonak aids. i will just wait then and maybe someday find a signia mic for a good price and then give them another try. or if the phonak aids die then i have no choice. for the prices they want now for those mic’s for the signia ax aids and for the performance i’m getting from them it is just not worth the price for the results, but when the phonak’s finally give up and i have no choice i may have to locate one. the tv streamer is not that great. to bad i can’t get my phone to use as a mic. it does good with radio channels and games and the times i talk on it so if i could use it for a mic that may be perfect. thanks

I have the Phonak Belong and used the Compilot 2. Thats all you need. Probably find it used for $50.

EDIT: Compilot 2 connects to any bluetooth device, including tablets and laptops.

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I have a compilot for sale if you would be interested,message me if you are

don. thanks but it sounded like one of the above post was telling me that the phonak audeo was not compatible with the bluetooth technology? of did i misunderstand that. if the compilot 2 will connect to my hearing aids and stream sounds into them that may work better than the built in mic. i have the signia ax aids but for some reason they just do not quite get the sound to me like the phonak aids do. and when i used them for the tv streamer they cut in and out all the time and if i have the phone on and happen to pay a game on the phone then they will not stream the tv.

so if anyone has the phonak audeo aids that are from 2014 to 2015 and use just one mic to hear the others talking better let me know. what i do not need it to get a mic then find out i nedd some other device and then find out i have to add something to my aids. if i have to go thru all of that i might as well get a mic for the signia and suffer with them. thanks

this is a reply from above
Audeo V30 is Venture line from 2014/2015 are non bluetooth. Connection to bluetooth devices only with intermediatary device (ComPilot Air II or ComPilot II or EasyCall II Smartphone Streamer)

Supported Microphones: RemoteMic , Roger Pen

Audeo V30 can not connect direct with bluetooth devices, because this HAs have no bluetooth build into the hearing aids itself. The Audeo V have a proprietary Phonak own radio receiver (in-house) and this is non bluetooth compatible.

You are able to connect the Audeo V to bluetooth devices , but therefore you need an additional intermeditary device.

For connecting the Audeo V30 to bluetooth devices you will need an additional device that your HAs can connect with any bluetooth device.
These are the intermediatary devices that Phonak offer for Audeo V

  • ComPilot Air II - streamer
  • ComPilot II - streamer
  • RemoteMic - microphone

Compilot II

Compilot Air II

So for bluetooth connection you will need a streamer: * ComPilot II – or – * ComPilot Air II

And additional RemoteMic as microphone.

You dont need the remote mic for the compilot ii for connecting to a tv streamer, or android phone for phone calls or streaming, or for any other Bluetooth device streaming sound to the compilot ii. The compilot ii has a microphone for phone calls.

You only need a remote mic, or roger pen, to help you hear people close to you in an environment with a lot of background noise.

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@Don , you are correct

A Compilot II is enough for connecting the Phonak Audeo V30 hearing aids to any Bluetooth device for streaming sound , e.g.

  • TV with bluetooth ,
  • Phone with bluetooth

I just included the RemoteMic, because the original request were also , that @corvairbob wanted to know if these hearing aids have the ability to use some type of mic that he might carry.

So if he want an Microphone he can either use the Remote Mic, which connects to Compilot II

or he can use a Roger Pen this work stand alone and does not need Compilot II.

Handy microphone for various listening situations. Thanks to its portable design, it can be conveniently used where additional support is needed over distance and in noise. It can also transmit the sound of multimedia devices e.g. T.V. and has wideband Bluetooth for cellphone calls.

I don’t know if Audeo V30 need additional Roger-Receivers for Roger Pen

The Roger Pen 1.1 will only connect direct to Venture if they have Shoes & Roger X Receivers attached (or integrated receivers). It will connect via a Compilot II, if there’s a Roger X plugged into it. A Roger On (and other Roger microphones) will connect in the same scenarios.

Edit: If there’s a Telecoil in the Venture aids, Roger could connect via: Roger MyLink or the better Roger Neckloop. These are decent value alternatives to a direct connecton, but more to carry around. These can both be worn under clothing, unlike the Compilot II.

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I used a Compilot ii with the x3 receiver plugged into the bottom of it, for using the roger pen. Worked great. Also, I always wore the compilot ii under my shirt!

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thanks. it kind of sounds like i would need to add parts to those phonak aids for that roger pen.

i have a pair of signia th advance 6 ric aids they have blue tooth and i can hear thru the phone and i have a tv streamer but when i have my phone on playing games the tv streamer turns off and when i’m in another room and have the tv streamer off i would like to have something that will pick up sound and blue tooth it to the aids. i found a streamline mic on ebay they say is for the nx and they said it will work for the ax but i hate to get one as they have no returns

that ebay unit is model AC4B and in the listing is say for
Signia StreamLine Mic - Bluetooth Streamer for NX Hearing aids by Signia. only this device

but he did say if it does not work he would refund but i do not know if that is it is broken or if he means if my aids will not work with this device maybe some here will know