Phonak Audeo P90 Problem (Aid dropping out)

These are my first hearing aids and I’ve been wearing them since last October with no issues until recently. Four times in the last 2 months the aid in my right ear will chime 4x’s, then goes quiet. When I take it off I notice it has a solid green light and will only go out if I hold the button on the back of the aid down for about 20 seconds, less than that the light remains on. Pushing the button again will not turn the aid back on. Turning the left aid off and trying to turn them both on dosn’t work either. Only the left will come on again. Plenty off charge in the battery 70%+. The only way I’ve been able to get it to come on again is by setting them back in the charger.

Anyone having this same problem or is it just me?

I had that exact same problem with my M90s in my case it appeared because I had the P90 program installed on my iPhone. Learned to delete the P90 aids before turning on the M90 aids.

2 things

  1. Your Audeo P hearing aids are faulty. Either the receivers/speakers are malfunctioning (the part that sits in your ear) or the hearing aid firmware needs to be updated. Contact your audi and request they try swapping the receivers as this can cause the solid green light problem, and if that doesn’t fix the problem you can ask them to update the firmware.

  2. The long press (>15 sec) puts the hearing aids into a storage mode with very low power consumption. The only way to wake up the device is to then place it in the charger, which is what you’ve figured out.


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I once had the same problem. It was a faulty receiver.

It’s just the one on the left side that’s giving the op problems.

Bit strange that just one would need a firmware update tho, as the right side is working as it should.

To the OP why don’t you try @bigaltavista advice and swap the receivers, this you can do yourself, save the hassle of a visit to the clinic, @sterei has mentioned this was what happened to his, so definitely worth a try.

@bigaltavista can the firmware be updated in the MyPhonak App, like a few other brands offer. Or at least by remote support from his audiologist.

It’s the right ear that I’m having problems with. The chime I’m hearing is the loss of connectivity between the 2 aids. I was going to stop at my audi today but didn’t go because of the weather. I have to look at my paperwork but I believe I got these aids last October. How long do the receivers normally last? Mine both say (2P) on them. Would it make sense to order a spare set?

Looks like a pin holds the receiver to the aid. Do I just need to push this out to disconnect the receiver?

Yes easy as that. Here’s something from YouTube it’s for the Marvel but Paradise will be the same.

Yes I do that, no harm in having a spare set, as for how long they last, well one would think at least a couple of years, depending on how you look after them, as in don’t pull on the wire or use the wire to help insert into your ears, as eventually that will break the wire, use/hold the dome or mould to fit them.
I have a set of ReSound receivers over 6 years and still going strong.

Phonak ones are a bit flimsy compared to others.

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My last set of Phonak aids the recievers were over 6 years old when one went out and had to be replaced.

When I got my ear custom ear molds the first set came with receivers so now I have an extra pair for my Paradise aids.

To change them out you push the pun gently to the side until it stops, not all the way out. The receiver will unplug and you can plug a new one in.



In this case, replacing the receivers will probably not help to find the root cause. As @Wilco mentioned, this only happened 4 times in a month. I doubt that he wants to wear them the wrong way for such a long time…
And yes, I do keep a spare set of receivers.

Firmware updates are not possible via myphonak for now

I know it’s planned for future versions but whether it gets added for existing devices in not sure

With the early versions of Phonaks remote care you could update firmware, but you ended up breaking the hearing aids as the firmware update failed, so for that reason you also cannot have firmware updates provided via remote care.


Just to update this thread…I continued to have the same problem which became more frequent in the last few weeks. Monday the aid finally went kaput. I pulled them from the charger in the morning, placed them in my ears, 30sec later the right aid dropped out but came back on before I could take it out. Later in the morning I opened the phone app to make adjustments, the right aid made a loud squeal and that was the end of it. Never was able to get it to power up again. Dropped them off at the audi for warranty repair.

One other thing I’ve noticed lately is that the right aid charge was consistently 10-20% lower than the left side at the end of the day.

This is likely because the Right Aid is the master Aid that uses Bluetooth so drains more battery. The master Aid then streams to the left Aid so the left Aid doesn’t use Bluetooth for streaming music/calls.

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When you get them back, please let us know what fault it was. Thanks.

Will do. I expect to have them back early next week.

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