Phonak Audéo Marvel M90-R solid red light after charger fell

Hey guys, first time writing here. I seem to have experienced a problem just now. I was charging my Phonak Audéo Marvel M90-R using the mini charger and I let the charger fall by accident on the hard floor. Then I tried turning on both HA, but the left one didn’t. I put it back on the charger and at first there’s a solid green light, but immediately turns solid red with no changes. I tried holding the volume down button for 20 seconds and more, but it still goes solid red on the charger. I tried cleaning the pins with no avail.

Then I noticed that the left charger hole had an opening inside like in the picture shown, which I think was caused by the accident.

Then I tried charging the left HA in the right hole where it’s fine, but the solid red light is still there (see picture). I don’t know what else to do, so I came here looking for any advice.

I hope this can be solved soon because my daily life performance is reduced by this.

I appreciate any help. Thanks.

Try holding the volume switch down while it’s in the charger.

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I tried it, but problem still persists with solid red light and unable to turn on. I even tried holding the volume down button before the light turned on and I noticed that while holding it, the light doesn’t turn on.

What happens when you put the other aid in the charger? Is it acting right?

Try holding the volume switch down for 10 seconds out of the charger. While holding it down slip into the charger. Give it a few seconds and release the switch.

The right HA works fine on the right hole. I haven’t tried putting it on the left hole because I’m afraid it may damage it.

I tried what you just told me and it’s still the same.

This happened to me once. I started pushing buttons up, down whatever. It finally came on.
Try pushing volume switch up.

You may have dislodged the internal battery by dropping, while they were still in the charger.

Solid red is according to phonak, battery is outside it’s operating temperature?
Flashing is defective battery.

Holding volume up doesn’t seem to do anything either.

@tenkan that’s what I’ve also read, but the temperature seems to be fine. It doesn’t feel hot at all. Now, about the internal battery, I’m not sure what should I do but go to the audiologist to check it out.

Take the aid in and out of the charger a few times. Cycle the start /charge cycle.
That’s about the end of my tries.
You have warranty.

What do you mean by cycle the start/charge cycle?

Put the aid in the charger, then out, then in a few times. Give the aid a second each step to cycle.

Alright, so I did the cycle many times and the problem still persist. I guess I’ll continue tomorrow and check it out with the audiologist.

The thing is, that the 5-year warranty is only in the UK since I bought it there, but now I’m living in the Dominican Republic. The international warranty is only for 1 year and I’ve had the HA for more than a year now… But let’s see what my local audiologist says.

Thanks for your effort to help.

You brought them in the UK while living there, you’ll be fine, just show your receipt, they’ll still have the 5 year warranty.


What makes you think the hearing aids are the issue. It appears to to be the charger. Either hearing aid can be placed in either side. I think the red light merely means it is discharged. Swap that hearing aid to the opposite side of the charger and see if it charges.

That’s exactly what I did (see pictures). I don’t think it’s the charger because it is still able to charge my right HA.

Also, I just went to the audiologist today and he tried charging it with another charger, but the HA still won’t work. He even tried updating the firmware and did a factory reset to both HA (they seem to be able to wirelessly communicate while on the charger), but after disconnecting it the left won’t turn on and the solid red light is still on while on the charger.

So in the end, he told me that there’s a hardware issue on the HA, not a software issue. I have to contact my UK audiologist to see what can be done or if I have to send it back to them in order to replace or repair it since the UK warranty is still active. I’ll let you know on Monday what’s going on.