Phonak Audeo Marvel: Adjust bass and treble in music streaming mode

I am trying out the Phonak Audeo Marvel and enjoy the direct streaming of music to my ears from my iphone. I am frustrated that I am not able to make any adjustment for bass or treble. Is this possible to do? The only adjustment I can see in the streaming mode is volume and balance.

You can change the volume and you can also change the streaming vs outside noise effect. You don’t have access in “Streaming Mode” like you can with other modes to the bass/trebel, noise, voice, etc. controls. That said, I believe you can have your audiologist adjust the bass/treble using his/her specific software controls.

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No, unfortunately not. I think Phonak is already aware of that complaint.

Current work-arounds are: 1) your audiologist can adjust it for you in the hearing aid, 2) I believe (but cannot give precise info) that there are apps that exist that will apply an equalizer to whatever music you are streaming.

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I use one of the free equalizer apps , like VOX or Jet Audio, when streaming from iPhone to Marvel. Works great and lots of possible adjustment.


It’s likely you can adjust, not just bass and treble, but many equalizer bands in your phone. On my phone, I have a 10-band EQ in my app that plays my music collection (Power Amp). I have a different EQ preset for my BT HAs than I do for a great set of studio over-the-ear headphones. When my hearing aides are on, and I play music with that app, the EQ preset is automatically selected and the music goes to the hearing aids. These are common features for a good music player app. When my HAs are off, an I plug in my headphones, my headphones EQ present is automatically selected and the music sounds great in my headphones.
I also have a 9-band EQ in my phone settings that will adjust all other audio that does not come from my music player app (great for setting eq for YouTube, etc).
(I have a Samsung Note9 with Android 9)

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My Android does this, but many-click. Lessee… Media, music player, LiveDead. While playing, at top is a ||| icon for sound settings. Volume and Equalizer. Capture eq

Here’s instructions with pictures for iPhone: How do you customize your music’s sound with your iPhone

Yes, mine gives six “stock settings” and a custom with 10 sliders. If you only want bass/treble tweaks this seems a bit much. Push several adjacent sliders up/down and see what you hear. Do NOT try heavy boost in bass (32 and 64) because few aids can handle it (and much of that may leak out of your ear).

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Thank you for all the great responses! I’ve gone into the Iphone and made the adjustments suggested and also downloaded Vox. I’ll let you know if that helps. It is surprising to me that Phonak did not include that in their product. Overall I am fairly pleased with the HA’s, but would like to hear what other users think of them.

For Bluetooth audio streams, it makes sense that you would not adjust that in the Phonak app, but at the Bluetooth source (the phone audio settings) or at the music source (the music player app). Also, it makes sense that a full 10-band EQ with a high gain range (like you find in phone or music app settings) is NOT included in the Phonak app, because if it were, you could really screw up your prescription.