Phonak Audeo M90 to Toshiba Desk Phone MDA220 Problems

Hello group! I am attempting to get our Toshiba landline office phone hooked up to my fathers Phonak Audeo M90 hearing aids. I purchased the MDA220 along with the SSP 2714-01 bluetooth dongle. I also purchased a comlink ii but not realize that will not work with these headphones.

My problem is that the SSP 2714-01 does not appear to pair with his hearing aids. I put it into pairing mode and it will flash blue. I put the hearing aids in pairing mode and they will flash green for a few seconds and then stop. The bluetooth usb will also stop flashing blue. I then press the handset icon on the mda220 but do not hear a dial tone in the hearing aids.

I ordered the Sennheiser BTA-800 usb dongle in hopes that the SSP 2714-01 is not the correct dongle.

Anyone have a similar setup and can help me out? Any help greatly appreciated.

What you need to check is that whatever you use has the correct Bluetooth profiles, this is where most problems are, use the search button from right here on hearingtracker to find out more about which landline phone will work, it’s been discussed a bit.