Phonak Audeo M70-RT: default program change button?

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I recently was gifted a set of Phonak Audeo M70-RT aids. I’m can’t figure out how to switch the programs via the buttons on the aids themselves. Can someone please clarify the default mechanism Phonak Audeo M??-RT aids use to switch programs?

A little background: After getting the gifted aids, I found a local audi that claimed they supported Phonak and set up an appointment for a hearing test, transferring the ownership, reprogramming, etc. Most of the process went fine (except for the hard sales push to buy some O_____ aids) until I started asking simple questions specific to the Phonak. For example: “How do I change volume”? Her response was “I’ll have to look that up in the manual.” I also asked for details on the differences between the default programs and how to switch between them. Her response was “I’ll have to look that up in the manual”. I responded with I can read the manual myself.

Now I am stuck, because I can’t seem to find it documented. The manual states “…It functions as an on/off switch, a volume control
and/or a program change depending on the hearing aid programming. This is indicated in your individual “Hearing aid instructions”. Please ask your hearing care professional for a printout…”. When I called asking for clarification and some questions regarding the program levels, the audi said I would have to set up and pay for another appointment. Since she clearly doesn’t know Phonak (e.g. claimed that they would not pair with Android) I refuse to give her more time or money.

BTW: these aids are definitely an improvement over my 5 year old Kirklands.

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Yeah that’s a bit disappointing, you pay to have them set up for you but they can’t tell what they did?
Well I believe a short push up on the right will increase volume and a short push down on the left will lower the volume, long push changes the programs. Sorry I can’t be sure this is “default” because it can actually be changed in the target software.
You really need to go DIY for this.


I have audeo p90 HAs. Volume is controlled my short time duration presses. A little longer down press initiates a step through the cycle of available programs. Longer yet will turn on/off.

I don’t know if this will apply to your HAs. The tones emitted for ea are different, so you can tell what happened.

Hope this helps.


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I though Marvel HA work with an app just like Paradise HA?
I mean, you could try the short tap on the switches, but the app on your phone is much better i would thought.

Thanks all. I’ve found that a short press up/down will control volume with a single tone indicating each press. A longer press will change the program (the 2nd displayed in MyPhonak app). A 2nd longer press will toggle it back to the default (Automatic). So either I’m not pressing long enough or there is something in the programming. Looks like I will be investigating the DIY route.

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As I am owner of these HA’s also and also able to do the programming: This you can do only in the settings of the software and there is a default which can be changed by your supplier (or yourself if you are a do it yourselver). So if you are not content with these settings ask your audiologist to change it for you.

Why is there anything wrong?

As you’ve described, it’s a long push rather then a short push for program change.

Thanks, What tone(s) do you hear when the program changes? Repeated long pushes seems to toggle between the first (“Automatic”) and second (“Speech in noise”) programs as observed in the MyPhonak app. The app shows that I have several other programs (e.g. “Restaurant”, “Music”, “TV”) that I’d like to be able to cycle through when I don’t have my phone.

Since this pair was not purchased from this audi, each visit is an additional cost. I will not be returning to the audi to listen and watch them bumble around when they clearly have minimal knowledge/experience with Phonak aids.

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That is normal for Marvel Aids. Those 3 x programs are only on the App and can’t even be accessed via the software.

I have the same 3 x programs on my App for my M70.

Thank you for the clarification, I feel better now.

Just for my education: Is there any place this is documented or is this knowledge expected to be shared by the audiologist?


I’m not sure it’s documented anywhere.

I’m a DIYer who bought brand new M70s off eBay.

Someone else may be able to answer your question.

Some info is in the document @

I do not know if this is what you are looking for

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This is my App. (It’s the children’s myPhonak App.) Your restaurant is party for me.

Can you see my 3 x programs, don’t say Fitted Program.

In minor defense of the audiologist: The critical processes of fitting hearing aids is constant across manufacturers, but every manufacturer’s buttons function slightly differently and we have to remember it for each manufacturer, each style, and each generation going back 10 years. It might seem like an important piece of the whole thing to you, but because it’s so straight forward to look it up it doesn’t necessarily feel that important to us that we remember compared to other more critical information.

Certainly better if she had had/taken the time to look it up in advance of the appointment so that she was prepared, but life happens. Doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t trust the fit.

Thanks for the link to the PFG manual and screenshot of the MyPhonak app. That helps a great deal. I can see in my app

the little icon indicating which can be switched using the buttons on the aid.

Thanks again for answering my question, which now leads me to even more questions :wink: I’ve ordered a Noahlink and have started down the DIY learning path.

Oh, thanks for the tip @tenkan, this works for the Phonak L 70-R too (just got my first HAs two days ago and still trying to figure out the various settings.)

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Same thing here, seems to toggle between Autosense (the default one) and whatever you have currently selected for me too (Phonak L 70-R).