Phonak Audeo M Charger Case Combi Service Life Experience

My wife took delivery of a set of Phonak Audeo M HAs in March 2019. Sometime before March 2020 one of the ports on the Charger Case Combi needed repair. Now, in September 2020 there is no evidence of life in the charger, no lights at all. The 1 year warranty ended 6 months ago. We are now in VA, the HAs were delivered in CA, way across the country.

Have others had the same problem or is this unusual behavior. The nameplate says it was made in the Philippines.

What are the replacement alternatives? Have others had good service from aftermarket chargers. I’m not impressed by the performance of this Phonak device.

I elected to use Zn/Air batteries. Yes, replacing them frequently is a pain but I’ve only had 1 bad battery in 3 years of use. If you shop carefully they do not cost a great deal more.

I thank you in advance for any observations and suggestions.