Phonak Audeo Lumity L90 and iPhone Integration

My previous HA’s were Rexton M-Core purchased from Costco in the spring of 2021. They were “MFi” compatible. The only audio that was routed to the HA’s was speech or music. None of the iPhone’s system sounds were sent to the HA’s; they were sent to the iPhone’s speaker. The system sounds I am referring to are the ringtone that indicates a phonecall, the text tone that indicates a text message has been received, and the camera’s shutter click.
Phonak’s bluetooth implementation sends these system sounds to their HA’s. I don’t want to hear every twinkle or ding or shutter click that my iPhone makes; I only want speech or music sent to my HA’s. Using the mute switch to disable all systems sounds is not a solution, it’s a workaround. Phonak’s promotional literature leads you to believe that their bluetooth solution is superior to the MFi and ASHA standards, but I would disagree.

Have you tried turning sounds off in Settings->Notifications->myPhonak? That works for me for the phone’s dings, and I can still get the doorbell and streaming as well as speech. I do get the ringtone in my hearing aids, but that’s what I want anyway.

Go into each App and turn off sound. That’s what I’ve done for my Phonak P70.

On my iPhone 12, under Settings>Notifications, there is no selection for the myPhonak app. Every other app that i have installed on my iPhone appears here, but there isn’t one for the myPhonak app. If you have this on your iPhone, could you please post a screen shot of that specific screen for me. Thank you.

Turn off the notifications for all those other apps. The phonak app is unrelated to this functionality.

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I apologize if I was unclear.

I do not want to disable any of the system sounds, I want them to be routed to the iPhone’s speaker and not sent to the HA’s - just like MFi compatible hearing aids.

That’s not an option. If it’s a deal breaker for you, time to return the hearing aids.

Edit: or you can turn off streaming for sounds and keep it on for calls. Bluetooth menu>click on device info.

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Phonak uses standard/Classic Bluetooth to stream to your hearing aids. There are advantages and disadvantages to Bluetooth Classic vs MFi. Biggest advantage to Phonak is that the hearing aids will connect to ANY Bluetooth device with no intermediate device required. The biggest disadvantages are shorter battery life and the iPhone treats your hearing aids as if it was just another Bluetooth wireless headset (i.e. AirPods, etc).

MFi has longer battery life but that weaker signal is more susceptible to interference, has a shorter range and only allows the hearing aids to connect to Apple iPhone/iPad (and soon to Mac in MacOS 18). Battery life is much better due to the lower energy signal too.

To get rid of sounds you don’t want to hear, you have to go into the Notifications setting and turn stuff notifications for those apps and system sounds that you don’t want routed to the hearing aids. I don’t bother with that. I just turn on the MUTE button on my iPhone 14 Pro Max and that stops all notification sounds. It’s not a workaround. This is the exact purpose of the MUTE button.