Phonak Audeo Life hearing aids

Has anyone gotten these?
I’m approaching 3 years with my Marvel’s. They’ll be sent out for the 3 year maintenance. But each aid has been sent back for repairs 2-3 times due to problems associated with my jogging routine.

So, I’m looking at these as a more durable option.

Here’s Dr. Cliffs video

I understand that. I’m looking for anyone who’s using them.

New to the forum. I did recently purchase the Phonak Audeo Life. They are my first pair of hearing aids. I have a mild hearing loss in the upper frequencies, but decided it was time to quit saying “huh” to my wife and struggling to hear when in crowds and noisy environments. So far…I like them. They ticked all the boxes I wanted in a hearing aid.

  1. Connects to Android phone
  2. Connects to Windows laptop with Bluetooth (for work)
  3. Connects to TV (this works with the TV Connector accessory)
  4. Waterproof or IP68 Water-resistant
  5. Rechargeable battery
  6. Works all day…so far
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My hearing aids, Phonak Sky V70 which came out in 2016, Altho I didn’t get them until 2020, have an IP rating of IP68 also.

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Dare I ask … has anyone SWAM in them? I am very intrigued if these could be an upgrade to my Phonak Marvel aids but waterproofish? Call me sceptical till I find out.

The receivers are not waterproof so if you don’t put your head underwater, I guess you’ll be okay?

So the link here describing these aids as “first waterproof, rechargeable” is … um … how shall I put it … BS?

I’m gonna have to get my meter out and measure it right now!

They’re supposed to be ok submerged up to 19". Of course the Phonak site doesn’t come out and say: “GO SWIM IN 'EM!” So maybe they only mean if you accidentally drop one aid in the toilet, you should fish it out PDQ.

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I personally think the whole thing is confusing as my Aids are rated IP68 and can be submerged to 1 metre. Despite the Audeo Life having the same IP rating, they can only go to 50cm and the receivers are not waterproof.

It’s all weird, really.

Here’s what my website says about my NHS Phonak Aids.

IP68 indicates that the hearing aid is water resistant and dust tight. It survived continuous immersion in 1m of water for 60 minutes and 8 hours in a dust chamber as per the IEC60529 standard, no traces of dust were evident within the housing.

EDIT - I’ve just googled and 100cm is 1 metre.

OK! Update! I am so excited I may even have a typo or two in this post! I just got back from my new audi gal. While I’m super happy with my Phonak Marvel aids, I’ve SO LONGED for aids that would allow me to jump in the water like a 7-yr-old and squeal with FUN!

So! I am going to be the new “guinea pig” at this clinic and get the Phonak Audeo Life aids! They’re due in on 7th July, and knowing my discriminatory hearing, I bet in I’ll either LOVE them or RETURN them in 6 hours. I’m excited that these aids are built on the newer Paradise platform, but they are only available in the rechargeable format (which I’m not really a fan of).

I was told that while the behind-ear piece is very water resistant (sealed, coated, just about impossible to soak as even Dr Cliff reports), even the speaker has been coated, so IN THEORY I should not have any trouble if I swim for half an hour with them on, or jump in the ocean for a bit, or even do a canonball into my pool IF it’s ever finished and filled with water. So it’s this SUPER DUPER water-repellant/resistant coating and care that boost the typical IP68 rating on these aids. We shall see!

I will report back here on the performance of these aids. If they work out, I’ll keep the battery-operated Marvels for daily use and use the rechargeable Audeo Life for water sports and/or non-travel use when recharging wouldn’t be an issue. I don’t know if I’d ever feel comfy relying on rechargeable aids for long trips, and I’d certainly have my battery-operated Marvels for backup in my purse at all times.


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I wouldn’t jump in so much that you end up going real deep because they are only waterproof to 50cm.

Also the receivers are not waterproof.

I hope you like them.

Yeah, I will make sure my canonball stops exactly 18.5" under the water (just to be safe) ; - )

I hope to put these puppies through the wringer like Dr Cliff did. And I am an honest USER, so if I report back about the issues, others can decide if the Audeo Life is just “promises! promises!” or the genuine article.

Can’t WAIT to get them. My audi tells me that the speakers are supposedly coated with some kind of water-resistant material but then I’d be asking what about the very tip of them that’s under the dome? We shall see. It seems water would find it’s way in somehow.

On top of which, I’m buying a professional, clinic-level dehumidifier: the ReDux. Not only do I live in a very humid place, but if I do regular water sports, it’ll be worth the investment. I’m going to post a review of that up here after I’ve used it, too.

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Good luck.

Please do report back.