Phonak Audeo Life bluetooth interruption

I’m wearing the Life HAs, and they’re great in many respects. One annoying thing is that if I’m streaming video/audio and it’s interrupted by ANYTHING (e.g. a notification, a call, touching the HA at all) the streaming starts pausing and restarting every 2-3 seconds. And the only way to stop the cycle it is to close down whatever service I’m using and start all over again. Does anyone have the same issue, and if so have you found a way to solve it?

Hi…the Phonak HA can pair with two bluetooth sources at once. I notice the same thing when I pair my P70s to the TV and keep the phone connection active. To kill the phone interruption you could just disconnect from the phone. I think there is also a setting for what happens when you touch/tap the HAs…Are you a DIY? Otherwise maybe your audi can change some options for you.


Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve tried disconnecting my phone while I’m streaming but the issue still occurs. The tap function is set to activate pause while on streaming. I’ll try changing this and see how I go.