Phonak Audeo L90-RT with Roger On iN

Audeo L90-RT

I finally got my new hearing aids and a Roger On iN.

These replace my 6 or 7 year old top-of-the-line Widex.

I chose Phonak because of their extensive line of ALD’s. I may still get a pass-around mic to use in my classroom.

My audiologist did a fitting to my audiogram using the in-ear mics, etc.

She did not do further customization. I am using them on the automatic setting.

I will go back in two weeks for customization of the settings. She thinks we’ll get a better custom fitting once I’ve had time to use the equipment in real settings. I agree with that assessment.

Here are my observations thus far:

They are a huge improvement over my old hearing aids. I was expecting a more modest improvement.

The Roger On iN is incredible - especially having the receivers built-in - which makes it much easier to use than the old ALD, which required that I wear a receiver around my neck. I use it in more settings than O would have used the old more cumbersome equipment.

I was well adjusted to using the iPhone with the Widex and controlling them with it. The controls are different with the Phonak.

The hearing aid and Roger apps work well.

There’s still the speech intelligibility and background noise issue, but the improvement is better than expected. (I’m at 60% speech intelligibility- which is borderline cochlear implant time.)

One odd thing:

The right hearing aid battery drains more quickly than the left one. Also, the right one doesn’t fully charge to 100% intermittently.

My audiologist is reviewing this behavior with Phonak.

The receivers that come in the On iN are not the right receivers for the Pass Around Mic.

You have 03, but need 02 to use both.

Draining more quickly is normal as it’s the MASTER hearing aid.

Not charging to 100% isn’t. To check it’s not the charger, swop the left into the right side and right into the left side. They are interchangeable.

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