Phonak Audeo B90 or B70



Hello, I need to choose between the Phonak Audeo B90 and B70. The only big differences I see are that the B90 has 20 channels compared to the B70 which has 16 and the Echo Control. The B70 doesn’t have that. My question is if the Echo Control is worth the extra money? Echo is a big problem for me in many circumstances so I need to know if it really works. Has anyone tried the Audeo B90 and found it really helps in an echo prone environment?


There’s more differences than what you state. Scroll down to page 5 on this link

I think the biggest differences would be in speech in noise, although using a remote microphone is tons better. How socially active are you? If you stay at home and are not in any challenging situations, the B70 (or even 50) is fine. If you have lots of challenging noise situations, you MIGHT appreciate the 90.


Would you want to wait a few weeks for the new Phonak Marvel platform devices? They have some definite advantages in terms of sound processing and connectivity. . .


I would go with the B90 if you think the Speech in Wind feature would be good.

I use the Speech in Wind feature all the time, it works great!


Hi cnickio, Do you know when they will release them? I’m in the US if that’s relevant. I use a Cochlear Implant in my other ear so they won’t be able to talk to each other. However, I wonder if the Roger Pen would stream directly to the Marvel and to my Cochlear Implant at the same time without my needing to buy more accessaries. Thanks.


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The Marvel devices are being released in the US at the end of this month. Not sure what that will mean in terms of availability (ie stock levels) right away. I do know that Roger can speak directly to the Marvel but don’t know whether they can stream to both Marvel and the Implant concurrently.

There is another thread that you should check out on the Marvel here in the discussion boards for more information, including some links to early reviews like one from Dr. Cliff Olsen on YouTube which provides a very good overview.

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It won’t connect to your cochlear Implant without a receiver.

RogerDirect won’t be available until fall 2019.