Phonak audeo B30, V50-70-90 or V30? Recievers? Confused

My 98 year old mother had her hearing tested and they test fit her with hearing aids using the default program for her hearing loss. Everything was great, till she found out the cost. So since the default programming worked so well, I’m planning to buy some used hearing aids and DIY program them myself. I don’t think she has any needs which a 50, 70 or 90 series offers.

I’m confused at how much improved the technology of the B series is over the V series. Specifically would a B30 be a better choice than a V50, V70 or V90, which on the used market are similar enough prices or if the less expensive V30 is good enough.

0250.Hz L-30 R-50
0500.Hz L-40 R-70
0750.Hz L-50 R-80
1000.Hz L-60 R-90
2000.Hz L-65 R-100
3000.Hz L-65 R-100
4000.Hz L-60 R-100
8000.Hz L-60 R-90

The used units either come with receivers or not and apparently there are several levels of receivers, depending on hearing loss. Are the receivers color coded to know what is being included by color? Should I expect to need to buy new receivers?

I’ve already downloaded the Target software and plan to purchase an Icube II to program either the B or the V (please correct me if that’s wrong).

The one feature I wish these hearing aids had was a “repeat button”, so when I say something, even if she hears it, she often says “what” because she wasn’t paying attention, how nice it would be if from my android I could hit “repeat” and it rewind till the last person talking began talking and it repeat what was said.


How irresponsible. You obviously have no training or experience fitting hearing aids. Why would you use your mom as a guinea pig? Leave the fitting to a professional who has expertise treating patients with severe to profound hearing loss. They can supply a suitable hearing aid that’s within your budget and still provide the appropriate follow-up care.

Although self programming is doable, I personally would be a little leery because of the big difference between ears. I think it might involve different level receivers for the different ears. You’d need somebody more knowledgeable than me to advise. Remember that if you go the used route and self program that you’re going to be responsible for all troubleshooting and maintenance. Even a very tiny bit of earwax can create problems. Do you have a Costco that’s nearby? If not, you might want to consider Buyhear. Again, you’ll be the troubleshooter/maintenance person, but at least you’d have Buyhear staff to consult with.

You I would guess you must be 70~80…

If she can afford them… are you sure she is as concerned about price as you are your inheritance?

Used eBay aids and diy programming, if she can afford new, is silly at best!!

The clinic may have made it seem easy but your mums ears need different types of fit(closed/open) and different receivers. You also don’t know what level they were set at with respect to targets(80% or less is often a start point). If you give her a bad experience she might just give up and refuse to try again. Costco is a lot cheaper and have a long trial period. Less risky than eBay.

She has a severe loss and will need a skilled fitter to program her hearing aids. Get a PockeTalker if cash is as an issue. That will also help if dexterity is an issue for her.

how much would you save? you sound like a bloody noob, I hope your grandma get’s a better treatment than this in the end.

Come on people.

The lady stated her mother was the one rebelling at the cost.

You all seem to have determined she’s the guilty party without ever really knowing her or her mom.

Kenji the lady is 98! Old folks alwajys bitch about price my old man would bitch every time I took him to White Castle that they use to 6¢ across from the mill back in the day! I explained back in the day was 60 years ago and he was making 75¢ an hour. So they want to buy used aids but evidently dont have a clue asking about receivers, etc… Instead of buying an icube and getting screwed on eBay take her of Costco it would be money much better spent!! If she isn’t very mobile something like this might work but I’m betting she doesn’t want to look like a space cadet?

Well, Jakey is a bigger spender than I thought – sliders for your ol’ man. No Olive Garden fru-fru taping his wallet.

The point was that the cost issue started with her mother. There is no proof she’s trying to protect her inheritance.

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Think about why I said Olive Garden, Swifty?

If you want to keep the price down either consider or . You could get brand new hearing aids with expert advice but with better prices