Phonak and Android: grabby bluetooth , streaming problems

I have Phonak P90Rs which I generally love, but the interplay between my devices when I am streaming is driving me crazy.

One scenario is that I am streaming on my laptop (Windows11) with audio going to my P90s then I unlock my phone to check emails and suddenly I lose the audio and then the stream goes into a cycle of pausing and playing as if I am tapping the hearing aids. I only seem to be able to get things right again by locking the screen on my phone.

Another scenario is playng spotify through Yamaha musicast device (Wifi connection, not Bluetooth - the Audio device is connected to the Spotify service but the laptop or the Android phone can control it). I walk away from my phone far enough to lose the Bluetooth connection between the hearing aids and the phone. When I come back within BT range and the aids connect to the phone again, suddenly the music has switched from the speakers in the room and I am the only one listening because it is going through my P90s.

Has anyone else experienced, or even better solved these problems with the devices not playing well together?


Pretty sure putting phone on silent would help this issue?

It does for me.

Nice simple idea, I will try that.
Thank you