Phonak Ambra's & iCom

I Love my Ambra’s… However, often when listening to music the connection will drop for a few seconds or become very choppy… The iCom is around my neck as I understand the loop is the antenna for all intense purposes. This can be very frustrating. Does anyone else experience this and if so - Did you get it corrected? Everything is still under warranty but of course I cannot replicate the issue. I’ve checked all items to insure the latest firmware has been applied.

The other issue is when on the phone using blue tooth people have complained that it sounds like crap. I want to hear what it sounds like but how would I do that!??

I also have an iCube and when adjusting I sometimes have to hang the loop of theiCube off my ears to prevent connections from dropping. Mostly the right ear it seems.

Do these symptoms seem to imply a problem with the aids??
My audi is rather clueless on the Target / Spice applications. I am sure I’m more advanced than she. No offense… I tend to adjust too much at once… I’m learning though…

Help is greatly appreciated…