Phonak Ambra CIC issue

Good Afternoon and Happy New Year!

New member here.

Last fall I made an appointment for audiology and requested a hearing test. I brought copies of all my audiograms and discussed them with the audiologist; she did a very extensive hearing test and said that my hearing loss qualified me for hearing aids.

I selected Phonak Ambra CIC and received them in about 6 weeks. It was nice to be able to hear the wind blowing through the trees again, along with all the other sundry sounds that most folks take for granted. I teach and my students were getting tired of hearing me tell them “Say again” all the time. They have really improved my quality of life.

Fast forward to the last couple of weeks. I have the feeling that my right HA has a lower volume, and on 2 occasions it has shut off without the typical low battery warning. The first time I went through 3 batteries without any success, it just seemed dead. Then I replaced the wax trap and battery and low and behold it worked again. Then yesterday during class it abruptly went out again. Battery change, no joy, battery and wax trap change, back on line.

Is it the wax trap plugging up or it a possibility of the HA being damaged that’s causing the outage? Both times I changed the wax trap I could see no obstruction, so I’m kind of stumped here.

Thanks for reading.

Probably the wax trap plugging up. If it happens again, try replacing the wax trap first.

If the aid will not feedback in your hand, try removng the wax trap. If it feedbacks, the wax trap either needs to be replaced.

Does the wax traps create such issues…?