Philps HearLink Receiver domes

I can’t always get to Costco for new domes for replacement on my Philips HearLinK 9030 Looking online, I don’t see domes specifically mentioned to fit these aids. I’m guessing that Oticon domes will fit since both aids are manufactured by the same company. Am I right?

Yes you’ll be able to use them and even Phonak, I think Widex will fit as well.

Thanks, I did not want to get domes that would pop off in my ear canal.

Oops, I almost forgot, is the same true for wax guards?

I would think so, same receivers, but I don’t think it’s the same for Phonak or Widex wax filters, use Oticon filters to be sure.

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I ordered these Oticon domes and wax guards from Amazon for my HearLink aids.


Wax guards

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I was told use only Phillips domes and wax molds? I have had the domes come off. Inside the ear, had to go to the doctor to remove it. Costco won’t remove them

Were you able to resolve the problem?

ON the subject of domes: has anyone tried the vented grip tip mini-fit domes for either Philips or Oticon? I’m considering giving them a try for my backup hear aids, Philips 9030. I currently have a Widex SmartRIC and found a more occluding dome works much better for my losses.

I’ve tried the vented one, and actually thought it was quite good at approximating a custom mould. Comfort should be ok for most people if they choose the right size.

Unfortunately for me it wasn’t ideal for my dry ear canal so I’ve since changed to another type of dome.

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thanks. I see they are expensive and Costco doesn’t use them and isn’t even aware of them even though the Hearsuite program has them and doesn’t list the power domes that Costco dispenses for the 9030-9040 if you need more occlusion.

Costco here in Australia was able to obtain them (at no additional cost to me) by asking Philips nicely upon my request… :slight_smile:

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Why not ask for a bunch of wax guards and/or domes each time your supply is low? I did that, and everyone I talked with at Costco was happy to give me 15 or 20 domes and wax guards at a time when I explained I don’t get there very often.


My Costco fitter called Philips and do not give them out. They recommended a “LiteTip” which is a custom that looks a lot like the grip tip. And yes Costco will give us domes but they have the power domes instead of the grip tips… way too occlusive.

I’m currently using the tulip and they seem to stay in. Fighting a noise issue now. Way way too loud in my car unless I turn the volume to 2 or the mid freq to -6. The road noise on cement roads above 50 turns to a bacon frying sound,…pretty loud in my ear. The Philips do not do that at all.