Phillips 9040 Dome Fitment

I’ve been wearing Phillips 9040 HAs from Costco for about 1 month. I really like the 9040s and they are a step up from my 6+ year old Widex HAs.
However, I’m having a problem with the fitment of the open air domes. My original domes were the 8mm OpenBass domes. I found that the dome in my left ear works its way out of my ear throughout the day so Costco replaced it with a 10mm OpenBass dome. This one also slips out throughout the day.
I’m currently trying the little extra wire to see if that helps hold the domes inside my ear but I really don’t like using them.
I never had a problem like this with my Widex domes.
I like the 9040s but this is getting a little annoying. Any suggestions? Thanks.

It’s basically trial and error. Many of the domes are interchangeable. If the Widex domes worked, you could try them. (Make sure they fit snugly on the receiver-- if they don’t they can come off in your ear canal and getting them out can be a bit of an issue. Pretty sure the Phillips and Oticon receivers are the same so the Oticon Grip Tips might be an option. If all else fails, there’s always custom molds.

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I have the 9040 and had a terrible time with itching with the Philips open dome. Now I use Starkey Comfort buds, 7mm, purchased on Amazon.

Starkey says that they are occluded, but they let in plenty of ambient sound. I did not bother to have Costco run another REM because the 9040 sound with the Starkey domes is so good.


How did you know what size to buy?

It was trial and error. I knew what size KS10/Phonak dome had fit me and I think it was 8 mm. Starkey has 7 and 9 mm so I bought both with fingers crossed that one would do the job. 9 mm was too tight, 7 mm was good. I really like these domes, they are comfortable and have good acoustic qualities with the 9040 on the same REM settings as with the Philips domes that I had initially been fitted for. As always YMMV.

Do the Comfort Buds fit securely on the Philips receiver?

They snap on just as securely as the Philips domes.

I tried using the little flexible wire on my left hearing aid and the dome still worked it’s way partially out of my ear by late afternoon. I tried my Widex dome and it was a loose fit so I didn’t insert it in my ear.

If you’re using alternate domes to the Phillips domes provided by Costco will they test and adjust your hearing aids with your replacement domes?

Has anyone compared the comfort and fit of domes of the Jabra Enhanced Pro 20 to the Phillips 9040?