Philips tv adapter volume too low

I have Philips 9040 mini rite hearing aids and need to stream to be able to understand dialogue. I have a Sony Bravia tv and have connected the Philips tv adapter via tosc. My hearing loss is moderate. To be able to hear well I have to set the adapter volume at max (18) in the app, and often have to also raise the sound from the tv speakers on top of that. I’ve been to Costco to have my audiologist adjust the adapter program to make it as loud as possible, which didn’t help. I also returned one adapter and got a new one, which didn’t help either. My audiologist says my hearing loss isn’t bad enough that I should need to have the volume set at maximum. Does anyone know if there is something we’re doing wrong? I attached a friend’s phonaks and his adapter to my tv and that volume worked great so I don’t think it’s my tv. Thanks

I presume that your Costco HCP went to the page below in the software and increase the TV Adapter level to the right most (+9 dB) from the default?

Another thing to consider is for some reason, the Toslink output from you Sony Bravia TV has an adjustable volume level inside the TV and it’s set to a low level. But if your friend’s Phonak TV adapter works great on your TV via the same Toslink connection, then I don’t know what to say, except maybe try the analog input to see if it’s any better. Usually you can connect the headphones miniplug output from the TV (if it has one) to the TV Adapter, and headphones output almost always has a volume control for you to boost to your comfort level.

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I have the opposite problem. My Philips TV adapter is too loud. Maybe it has something to do with the TV?

Yes it’s set to +9. I haven’t found any tosc volume control on the tv. I did try hooking it up to the headphone jack which has a volume control that goes from 0 to 100. Using that withe the app volume at 18, the volume increases up to about 50 and then doesn’t get any louder up to 100. With all that maxed out the volume remains too low, basically the same as using the tosc.

Another thing you have presumed to be OK but haven’t tried swapping out is the hearing aids themselves. I would bring your TV Adapter to Costco (in an appointment) and ask the HCP to temporarily program a pair of Philips 9040 that is not yours and try to test it out (via some kind of device that has an audio mini plug output since toslink only comes from your TV) and do A/B comparison between your aids and the demo aids to see if they’re the same or not. If the demo aids sound fine but yours still sound weak, then you know where the problem is at. If not, then at least you will have ruled out the aids.

I would also suggest that you try a different sound source that is not from your TV, perhaps an audio player of some sort with the headphone mini plug output. Who knows, it might be something about your TV.

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Thanks. Good suggestions I’ll have to try. I might also bring the adapter to a friends house and try on their tv as well.