Philips HearLink 9050 to hit Costco soon? With similar tech to Oticon Intent?

The marketing info linked above says they will support MFi, ASHA and LE Audio,


Seriously, I hate Demant. You can buy a Jabra at Costco that’s exactly equivalent to Resound’s premium aids. Not Demant. “We’re reserving our best tech for our special customers. The rest of you can sift through the dumpster bin out the back.”

Anyway, I’ll be lining up to try the Philips. My fitter had a preference for the Philips over the Jabra even before this new model. We will see.


Ah, thanks! Got the white paper, but overlooked that link.


Just noticed. It seems to have a distinct boomerang shape. A bit similar to the new Widex but without the length.

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The 9050 fitting software is already available.

“Philips HearSuite 2024.1 supports this new speaker. This … Sound Guide will be on as default and available for Philips Hearlink 9050 and Philips Hearlink 7050.”


By coincidence, I had an appointment with my hearing aid specialist at Costco today, and based on her previous recommendation and my own research was planning to order the Philips 9040. Yesterday I read about Philips’ announcement of the 9050, so when I saw the HAS (or should that be HIS?) this afternoon I asked her if she knew when the 9050 was likely to be available at Costco. She was completely unaware of the 9050, but said this was typical, they normally only hear about new products a few days before Costco announces they are carrying them. She also said there could be up to a month delay after Costco announces new products before they actually become available in the stores, depending how quickly the hearing aid company makes training available, prints product literature, ships the product, etc. That’s worst case, she said new products normally ship somewhat faster than that.

FWIW, we agreed that she’d hold off ordering the 9040 for a few weeks to see if the 9050 becomes available…


Completely agree with your comment that Costco is bringing high tech to consumers for less, Abram. :+1:

However, they are NOT getting it almost immediately - at least not in all cases. Rexton is undoubtedly a duplicate of the Signia technology, BUT we have yet to see a Rexton version of the latest Signia IX platform which was released early last September. Rexton recently announced that they are finally rolling out the “Reach”, their version of the Signia IX, but when I contacted WSA, they told me that they do not expect the Rexton Reach to be available in the US until mid-March. Does that mean that it will be available at Costco at that time? We’ll have to wait and see. Regardless, we’re talking about a delay of more than 6 months for WSA to get its latest tech from its premium brand to its budget label.

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So far this has been limited to Rexton. Resound has released the Jabra version of their lineup very quickly. Looks like Philips is about to do the same.

Exactly my point. The Rexton delay proves that Costco is not able to consistently do this.

I don’t know why anyone thinks that the Philips upgrade is coming very soon. In the same Q4 report in which the Demant CEO said that Bernafon and Philips would be introducing new premium products, he also said that Oticon would be going first. This doesn’t imply to me that a secondary brand like Philips will be rolling out their new product right on the heels of Iticon, but that Oticon will be given time to establish its new flagship product and that the others will introduce theirs later this year - probably late summer or fall. I expect this to look to be closer than the Signia/Rexton process than to the GN Resound/Jabra model.

Rexton just recently announced the IX version of their signia line, like 5 months later. Meanwhile Resound and Oticon are announcing their costco branded models either at the same time or very soon after. This seems to be entirely a Rexton issue

When did Oticon announce “a Costco branded model”?

This entire thread is discussing the Philips 9050. Unless I’m mistaken the Philips 9030 and 9040 are only sold at Costco.

People are assuming that the 9050 is an upgrade to the 9040 just like the 9040 was an upgrade to the 9030 which were sold at Costco.

That’s why people are assuming the 9050 will also be sold at Costco when it’s released

Yes, but it wasn’t announced by Oticon and it’s not “Costco branded”.

Philips hearing aids are not sold only at Costco. They are sold world wide and their lineup includes hearing aids which are not carried by Costco. As for a “HearLink 9050”, can you provide a link to an announcement of a hearing aid announced with this name?

The title of this thread is followed by a question mark. Everyone seems to be ignoring that.

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There is no Costco in my country. The nearest one is 1000 km away. If Costco allowed it to sell online, it would sell a lot more hearing aids. I would like them to make it possible because they give more for less money and besides, if I’m not mistaken, the warranty is 3 years.


Unless something has already happened, talk of it happening is speculation, even talk of the sun rising tomorrow. People are often sloppy with their terminology which doesn’t help. At least in the US, it does look like Costco is the only distributor of Phillips hearing aids (from Phillips US website)


Not a product announcement but

“Sound Guide: In the fitting software, it is possible to turn on and off the Sound Guide. Sound Guide will be on as default and available for Philips Hearlink 9050 and Philips Hearlink 7050”

from HearSuite - fitting software for Philips hearing aids (link posted earlier by @rsw).


I’ve had a 9040 for a month now. I wonder if the 9050 becomes available in Costco at some point within the next 5 months whether they’d let me swap it over (i.e. are you able to do that with a newer model of the same brand)?

I’ve asked my local Costco about returning a trial hearing aid if the company comes out with an updated model within the trial period, and I’ve been told that yes, you could “swap” the older version within the trial period. But it’s not quite a “swap”; you’d return your current hearing aids, get your refund, and then purchase the new 9050 hearing aids. The process would be no different than if within the 6 month trial period you decided you didn’t like your current Philips 9040 HAs, and decided you wanted to return them and get, say, the Rextons instead.

One thing to be aware of is that at least some Costco stores may have a (unwritten?) policy of only allow three returns of trialed hearing aids before cutting the customer off and refusing to sell them new hearing aids. This is just something that I’ve picked up reading this forum. I can’t speak to this from personal experience, and I’ll leave it to others who have more knowledge to confirm whether or not this might be a concern.

I saw the Philips 9050 brochure online. Additionally, there is a 9050 link that shows where an individual can buy the 9050. Guess what? They listed the 3 Costco stores in my area.