Philips 9040 or Jabra Enhance Pro 10 at Costco for "cookie-bite" hearing loss?

Hello everyone!
This is my first post. I have “cookie-bite” hearing loss. My present hearing aid is the Costco KS9.0. It is time for a new pair.
I am looking at Costco hearing aids Philips 9040 or Jabra Enhance Pro 10. I have an iPhone 13.
Any thoughts on which one would be better for my type of hearing loss?
Thank you.

Any hearing aids can help, there’s no one brand/model for “cookie-bite” loss.
You should trial them both and see which one you like “best”
Both have good reviews here as well as the Rexton (Signia) from Costco.


I don’t think your loss would typically be called “cookie-bite.” Your loss is largely flat in the 50-60 dB range with better hearing at 250dB. I suspect you’d do well with any of their hearing aids. I’ve heard multiple Costco people recommend the Phillips aid. I’d ask what your hearing aid specialist recommends. I’d also enquire if they think you’re suitable for custom molds rather than domes.


Unless i am not seeing the correct audiogram, i dont see any “cookie bite” loss?

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