Philips 9030 V1.4 Problem

I went to the Audi at Costco today to get my HAs updated to the latest firmware (V1.4). The HAs were basically working fine (except for a continuing problem with bluetooth). There are supposed to be some miscellaneous fixes included in this version so I figured that I might as well get them updated. It was a mistake.

After updating, one HA reported a problem with its battery. The other started normally but there was almost no volume. As a result, they are now being sent into the company to get them fixed. I suggest that you avoid this update, at least for now.


Yeah one of the reasons why I don’t recommend updates, unless you really need to, if your not having any issues with your current set up and no obvious “upgrade” in the firmware, don’t do it, same with your mobile phone, people updating the firmware and almost getting a brick instead!

And I am just the opposite I believe that the update was done for a good reason and I do them right away.

Oh yeah, if you know you need it obviously you’ll go ahead and do it, the good thing about firmware updates is, you can always check to see what’s been offered before downloading and installing.

Did you get your hearing aids back and was the problem resolved? I purchased 9030s earlier this month and they came with firmware 1.3. I went back to Costco to ask that they update the firmware to 1.4 so I can use the HAs fully with my iPhone 13 when answering calls, but the Hearing Aid Center at my store said they have no information on the firmware update and that it isn’t available in their system. I’m having Bluetooth streaming issues where one or the other HA constantly cuts out so I’m hoping the firmware update will also resolve that issue.

Check this out.

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I’m not typically one for doing updates either, at least not until they’ve been out for awhile so I know whether bugs exist and what they are. In this regard, I’m a follower–a late stage follower.

I have a question that isn’t exactly on topic for this but close so I’m thinking someone here may no the answer. My Philips’ volume controls stopped working through the app and hearing aid buttons when I’m streaming and now I can only change volume on my iPhone 13. I was trying to turn them off and on using the buttons yesterday, so maybe I inadvertently over-rode some setting–I don’t know if there even is one. Any setting you’re aware of that would cause this change in where volume is controlled?


Thanks! Very helpful.

  1. I got the hearing aids back from Costco and they are working fine. I believe that they gave me new ones. They are probably still on V1.3 but I don’t know for sure.

  2. With respect to volume control while streaming, the vol control on the HAs doesn’t have any effect. That’s on mine but I think that is probably what’s intended. The vol control on the phone controls it.

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If you connect the Philips 9030 to your phone:

  1. Open your Hearlink App
  2. Click on “Hearings aids” at the bottom. You’ll be displayed left and right. Make sure they are connected.
  3. Click on left, or right hearing aid. The Firmware version will be listed at the top.


By then there may be a newer update and you won’t be able to access the intermediate firmware. These firmware updates are not as flexible as with some devices unless someone knows of an archive of older firmware and how to install those.