Personal listening devices on travel tours

Road scholar used to be called Elderhostel and is a non-profit travel organization that offers programs around the world with an emphasis on learning. I have absolutely no affiliation with this group but I wanted to share part of this email I received from them as it is such a big step in the right direction.

On walking tours I either have to nudge myself to the front, near the leader, or hang out in the back with no idea of what’s being said. I am grateful for this organization, or any other that provides access to clear speech and communication!

>>Road Scholar is making a commitment to ensure that during our educational programs, you will hear every word loud and clear, wherever you are. Beginning in 2012, Road Scholar will provide personal listening devices on our programs.

Replying to this ancient post!!
I made a very successful tour with Road Scholar in 2019. Their earphone/box listening device offered a neck loop alternate for hearing aid/telecoil owners. It worked wonderfully!!! I was able to stand at the back of the group and hear better than anyone else, through my hearing aids!! If you travel with a group, be sure to ask if they have an option for hearing aids with telecoils!

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My friend spent New Year (before Covid) in New York and went on a tour. They provided Phonak Roger myLink receivers with headphones attached. They used a Phonak Roger Inspiro. My friend managed to link her Roger receivers to the Roger Inspiro.


Unfortunately, one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to hearing loss

Yeah @Zebras… Phonak Roger Inspiro, is an awesome piece of kit, sound quality is excellent, older tech, but the sound is pristine… Cheers Kev :wink: