PerfectDry Lux Dryer for ZPower system?


Has anyone who uses the ZPower rechargeable system tried the new drying device from MG Development? It is called the “PerfectDry Lux ZPower Rechargeable Dryer.”

It supposedly dries the hearing aids while the ZPower charger simultaneously charges them. The ZPower charger is fitted into the dryer itself. The literature I saw says it can be used with any hearing aid that uses ZPower batteries and the ZPower charger (although the marketing literature is branded with the Widex logo).

I checked with Oticon to see if this device could be used safely with their rechargeable OPN hearing aids (original release, not OPN-S), and Oticon tech support didn’t seem to be able to answer the question. This “charge and dry” combination looks interesting, but I would like confirmation that it will not harm Oticon OPN rechargeable/ZPower hearing aids before I purchase it. Does anyone have any experience with this device yet? Thanks.

Here’s a link for more info. Sorry, I can’t get a photo of the dryer to post.



We have the device and can confirm that it can work equally well for Oticon or Widex devices.

The Perfect Luxe Dryer requires that you insert your ZPower charger into it. You’d insert your Oticon version ZPower to make it work with Oticon HAs or your Widex one for Widex.

The device not only charges the HAs and uses heat to dehumidify but also uses UV light to disinfect at the same time.


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Thanks, @cnicklo! Much appreciated. :slight_smile:



Hi! just sharing my 2 cents…
While waiting for ZPower to come out with a charging+drying unit, I decided to build my own. It is just an standard IP65 fuse box, plus 250 grams of silica gel inside it. Cheap and easy!.



@vpreatoni , It’s nice that you can build your own! :slight_smile:

Here’s a photo of the dryer that’s being marketed for use with ZPower.

PerfectDry Lux Dry + Charge for ZPower

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There’s no price listed. It looks like you’d have to register to get a price. And they require a company name when you registered. Not sure why.



This place wants $90 US for it.



Thanks for the info on the price! Wow, that’s a bit high for just a drying box. I was pegging it to be around.$30-$40. Kinda greedy to price it that high IMHO.

Not even sure how long ZPower is going to be around anyway, given all the battery issues which they still haven’t seem to be able to resolve yet . Plus the very steep $100 per year battery replacement cost with no warranty.

Oticon seems to have abandoned the ZPower system in their latest rechargeable strategy on the OPN S.

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Actually, @Volusiano, the Oaktree Products site I posted for the photo of the “PerfectDry Lux” dryer is a distributor of hearing aid supplies for audiologists. I don’t know if they take orders directly from consumers, which is probably why they don’t list a price and they ask for a company/practice name if you register.They probably sell in bulk to audiologists.

The PerfectDry Lux dryer is manufactured by MG Development (I think they’re headquartered in France?). Here’s a link to their product page. Still no price listed, but @TexasBob is likely in the ballpark with his quote of $90. I suppose that the price and value can be debated, but some might want to try the dryer to keep their ZPower-compatible hearing aids in good shape. I haven’t read that Oticon has endorsed use of this dryer with their ZPower-compatible OPN hearing aids, but I have seen it advertised for use with Widex hearing aids.