PerfectDry Lux Dryer for ZPower system?


Has anyone who uses the ZPower rechargeable system tried the new drying device from MG Development? It is called the “PerfectDry Lux ZPower Rechargeable Dryer.”

It supposedly dries the hearing aids while the ZPower charger simultaneously charges them. The ZPower charger is fitted into the dryer itself. The literature I saw says it can be used with any hearing aid that uses ZPower batteries and the ZPower charger (although the marketing literature is branded with the Widex logo).

I checked with Oticon to see if this device could be used safely with their rechargeable OPN hearing aids (original release, not OPN-S), and Oticon tech support didn’t seem to be able to answer the question. This “charge and dry” combination looks interesting, but I would like confirmation that it will not harm Oticon OPN rechargeable/ZPower hearing aids before I purchase it. Does anyone have any experience with this device yet? Thanks.

Here’s a link for more info. Sorry, I can’t get a photo of the dryer to post.


We have the device and can confirm that it can work equally well for Oticon or Widex devices.

The Perfect Luxe Dryer requires that you insert your ZPower charger into it. You’d insert your Oticon version ZPower to make it work with Oticon HAs or your Widex one for Widex.

The device not only charges the HAs and uses heat to dehumidify but also uses UV light to disinfect at the same time.



Thanks, @cnicklo! Much appreciated. :slight_smile: