Partial hearing loss and tinnitus


In June 2018, I had a painful infection in my left ear (maybe after using a cotton swab)
The ENT doctor gave me antibiotic treatment.
The pain disappeared after the antibiotic treatment.
But I kept the feeling of stuffy ears, with hearing loss and tinnitus.
A CT scan and an MRI scan did not detect any issues.
The ENT doctor told me that nothing could be done, but could not understand what could have happened.

For my part, I find that when I do the Valsalva maneuver, my hearing returns to normal for a few seconds.
Then, the sensation of clogged ears with hearing loss returns.
Yet the ENT doctor assures me that the Eustachian tube is not blocked.

What do you think ?

Thanks in advance for any comments.


Hey! After reading your story I do not have any questions to you… You had a medical examination, took pills and doctors still do not know what is wrong with your ears… I am afraid I know less then your doctors.
Want to support you here. Just do not give up, try to find another doctor who will help you. Hope that somebody here can say what else should you do!

eustachian tubes are tricky. I’ve had symptoms just like yours and been assured that my eustachian tubes aren’t blocked. But I’ve had eustachian tube dysfunction my whole life, so I know what I know. that said, it’s also true that it can take months for eustachian tube issues to resolve–if that’s what you have! You might try sudafed to open up your tubes, and/or a steroid nasal spray if your doctor will prescribe it.

Allergies can also play a role. How are the allergens in your house/environmnent?

. . . so, do you have hearing loss or not? Presumably you’ve had a test?