Pairing Oticon Intent One with Dell laptop

Sorry, I know that this has been discussed but I can’t find the thread.

I upgraded my Oticon Reals to Oticon Intents but couldn’t pair the Intents with my Dell laptop. (They work great with my tv streamer).

I saw someone say that you needed a Windows PC with the newest update which includes support for LE audio and Bluetooth 5.3 hardware.

My original laptop didn’t have that so my office have ordered this in for me. Please can you let me know what we will we need to do next to pair them? Should the laptop find the Intents just through the regular Bluetooth settings?

Does the Dell see the hearing aids and won’t pair, or does it not see them at all?

I haven’t tried yet as IT still have my new laptop but they’ve asked me for instructions and if there are any programmes etc they need to install in advance.

So I have the laptop, and when I go into “bluetooth & devices” it finds the aids and pairs with them. It says that I am connected and then after about one second it says disconnected! I’m posting 3 photos to show the connection and then what happens next.
Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong, in very easy language as I’m not great with tech! :joy:

The most common reason is simply that the PC/laptop doesn’t have the correct Bluetooth profile, check your specifications to see.


It is said that this option will only be available with Windows 11 version 24H2.

Do you have this version?

Thanks. It looks like it’s Windows 11 Enterprise 23H2. Can you point me in the right direction for where they’ve published what I’ll need? I can then pass that across to our IT team.

24H2 is the Win 11 update from Microsoft. That’s where you get it

You could also find a Bluetooth dongle, like a Sennheiser BTD 800 (as an example), with the correct drivers that you need, and plug it into your laptop. That way you could take it with you and plug it into another PC when needed. Internal laptop bluetooth chips/apps dont always work the best.


Sennheiser says that dongle is Bluetooth 4.0

Have you had any luck? This USB adaptor just showed up on Amazon. I am sure that there will soon be more choices:

This one has 5.3. I have no idea if it has the drivers you need

My concern has been all these Bluetooth dongles want you to disable any existing Bluetooth drivers. They are fine for build your own PCs but I do not want to do that to my laptop.

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While Windows 11 might support LE audio, the hardware must support it. Unless you have a new PC, i doubt LE audio will work. The initial connection will work but without A2DP aka classic Bluetooth (TMAP is the LE Audi equivalent) it will not stay connected. Unless you can upgrade the bluetooth/wifi card. An update may come for your specific computer as well.

My experience so far is that the dongle needs to broadcast Auraocast.

You would also need one of the newest versions of the Windows OS, because it needs more than just a proper BT driver/firmware. Unfortunately when it comes to workplace/enterprise/public spaces, that’s rarely the case.