Pain from Hearing Aids not programmed correctly?

Is it possible to have pain in ears due to hearing aids not being programmed correctly. I have terrible earache pain after wear hearing aids for a few hours. The audiologist has reduced the size of the domes to smallest size but doesn’t help. She seems to be out of ideas for my ear pain.

ear pain, a lot of times, is caused by aids that don’t fit properly. The aids may be too thick to fit comfortable behind your ears, assuming they are BTE type aids, or the domes still don’t fit properly. Have you considered custom made ear molds?

What type of pain are you having? Are you reacting to the materials that you are inserting into your ears, and not the"aids" as such. I am allergic to plastic and have had to find out my own solution.

Turns out I am hyper sensitive to the plastic ear domes. Audiologist gave me the smallest domes possible and shaved the flanges off the domes, just plastic part is left to cover the microphone. I also used a few drops of Miracell at night and took Aleve. The combination has helped my ear a lot. We are now going to do the same for the left hearing aid.